G is for Gyptian, which is why we need a guide: we are all wanderers in the desert fleeing faros wrath and needing engelblau
The Presentation of the Bride
a meditation on fiery swords

To heavens gate in 80 days: This is a meditation on the lance of longinus reminiscent of the arrow of eros or any hero and the fiery sword barring paradise. Dives in misericordia was written in longhand just loke this meditation and the polish army faced tanks on horses poor horses!! but the germans and the polish were not enemies in christ --phenomenology made its way into the heart soul and mind of wojytla ny way of husserl stein and gottingen, jst wmas the Eucharist enters our crlls bu way of the red sea. and the angel slaughtering the egyptians even as kranium gers his ideas from gyptian and no ody ever is supposed to know. but the light will shine on the flight to eggyptNeocities.

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