You build that beautiful bugatti and you're bound to get an A.

( MAIN CONCEPTS: Eucatastrophe, Fenomenologia, Gaia. These are not actually from theories derived initially from Books, but from experience, that prevent war, violence, suicide, climate change that leads to corona virus, and other forms of economic injustice.pollution.
the leopard was deprived of a degree, but not by accident. It has causes and it has remedies.
Sothbys or not, right, miami beach?.
Sothbys: because only pimps, politicians and pushers can afford bugattis.

A is for Andrew Apostole the patriarch of Greece, the patron of Scotland etc. who according to the gospel of John was the "first called", the first to announce to Peter his brother that Jesus was the messiah, and Aaron and Angel and Articulate and a lot of other things.
THe reason I write this way is because im good at imitation and not only of singers, but of intellectuals. Im just good at imitation. it's really not a big deal. Monkey see, monkey do.
Did you ever wonder if the last name maradona was connected to marathon?
its a seemingly random speculation, but nothing is really random if God is behind everything, because God is not random.
I'll return to it after explaining a few things
In may of 2018 shortly after the high school graduation, the government sent a package which people would call an "audit".
they called it an inquiry.
for a company that had received grants worth less than $500 it seemed unnecessary and an exhausting waste of time and energy-a bureacratic war which would bury us forever in a foundational flanders field, as it were.
However, that same year the friars of SGR were conducting their own investigation into the mystical wounds of a deceased friar named Pio.
And they should--all science should prove the wounds are true, which is why biohacking like techhacking..the work of Josiah Zayne (who is afraid of prison and has nightmares about going to prison, just as Junot diaz the writer who was raped as a child has massive nightmares about that his whole Aaron swartz probably did about prison too, who knows)--needs to become a reality as quickly as we can make it so.
And i found out about Zayne from the "one free article" in discover magazine, while researching crisprs and the DNA built mouse, which I was prompted to do by Elvis, whihc came from Maradona and the coke deaths.
In other words, the point is, the science should prove the truth.
If the story of Jesus being crucified and then rising is false, we might as well know it.
And if the valanga came from family violence, and suicidal tendencies, and unauthorized use of a common fund and a common initiative, we should say so, since it is the goverment who wishes to know.
Of course it is dangerous to talk about psychosis because psychotics dont' like to hear about it.
Its dangerous to talk about appropriation of funds because those who do it have already demonstrated that they value their own wallets above the democracy.
The eve of July 1st was important for some building on the grounds of SGR and a group of pilgrims had arrived from a visit to the San Michele pilgrimage site in Gargano where Pio often battled the devil in spirit.
That night, the spirit seemed to say "tell the story. It has to be told."
Here, insert links on Junot Diaz, and on the three pHds who discuss patient initiated violence against caregivers of the psychotic.
But that, is easier said than done.
The temptation especiailly when the government is not honest, is to ditch and quit and "go to Bensonhurst", as it were, where at least your life will be protected. Jesus himself ran away from a corrupted government.
Because government always tends toward corruption. The arc of history does not "bend toward justice" as Obama claims, unless some supernatural love intervenes.
thats why music is important, art..articulation. It teaches you how to communicate without going full on riina.
At least that seems to be why the volcano of my heart blew into all these tunes.
As raices. Why are the roots of the company important? Some may know the lynx recently tried to impress a potential employer with her fantastic portugese by singing a folk song called As raices, known to some of the original gangster pastors in ghetto churches she sometimes attended with plantain panza.
Of course some churches organize to get the tax exemption, that does not mean they all do.
Plantain panza for his part was not picky about the theology, he was kind of a "lets eat" sort of worshipper. Anyways, the lynx wants to talka bout LAKE DAY which was at the roots of Wellesley, a kind of walden on waban as it were.
But legend has it that lake day was abolished some time last century, because nobody had time for it anymore. This is called MISSION DRIFT, and resulted in MISSION MANGLING when the trustees sold the back forty as it were. This is way AS RAICES are important. If the apocalypse is correct, The tree in paradise is what gives life, and all life comes from that origin.

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