(If you have materials to add to this class, by all means, we insist! For now, if you want the four college credits for the full 16 weeks, you'll have to design your own course.
Thanks to the internet, this really isn't that hard. Dud did it.
For example Aaron's friend Kevin Poulsen filed an FOI lawsuit 8 years ago. Maybe you could find out what happened to it?

Or you could find out more about DEMAND PROGRESS.
Remember, the goal is to extend the knowledge so that people are allowed to know the truth, and make an informed judgment about Aaron's agenda.)



When Holywood High was just a twinkle in God's eye,
when the election of Pope frank was nigh,
that's when Aaron was doomed to die.
Did he do it himself, or was it the FBI?

Does Aaron's kindness make you smile?
Did his "trespass" really merit a felony trial? (hello?--NOT)
Then sit down and stay a while.
add your contribution to the "Kyle pile"

And Aaron begins with two As, and we all want straight As, right?
But he's here for a more important reason.
If Carlo Acutis is the internet's Pier Giorgio Frassati, the answer to Paolo Gabriel, blackfriars bridge,"vatileaks", then Aaron is the anti-Zuck, the one who believed the power of the information age should be equally distributed.

everyone that goes to an online school should probably know just a little bit about Swartz, about wikileaks, Vatileaks, Victory Winner (if you say WHO, look her up) Gary Davis, Moxie marlinspike, block chain self soverignty etc etc.

Aaron came from the Jewish culture, the ancient Aaron was Moses' brother and mouthpiece, since Moses stammered when he spoke.
Likewise perhaps Aaron the outspoken activist was an apt champion for the open internet that shy Moses-like computer geeks could rely on to help them explain their opinions.
See the song "alexis" sometimes dropped on Nassau.

because Uriel's is an on line system and because we as a world are on the cusp of something, and Aaron saw that, he saw the possibilities for human love and communication that are possible today.

In addition to the concept of asylum, the concept of a democratic internet is important to the Valanga.
Online bullying, aggression and algorithm-based exclusion is a form of new colonialism.
While Aaron is certainly not the only one, he is one example of the tension between authority and democracy.
This course looks at a seemingly gentle, non-violent person who became an "enemy of the state" with a capital E.

Like Jesus, the 13 year old Aaron was questioning the way things were.
Aaron was articulate enough to be mistaken for an adult on the internet.
Also like Jesus, people suspected him of aspirations he seemingly did not have: apparently, he did not wish to dominate or control the government or the internet, but for all people to have equal access to these things.