Much thanks to Marquette, the author, and the journal for making this discussion of fire, and the unseen God who made light, part of the open internet. GRAZIE!! May God repay you.
What does abraham have to do with the mission of Uriel University to promote Monetine Mondiali and universal eucatastrophe?

Many of us who inherited the religion of Abraham through Jesus, even if we "go to church" are surprisingly unaware of much of it.
Abraham was from Iran and Jesus, his cultural heir was the epitome of love,
so how is it that there have come to be all these wars between Jews, Christians and Muslims?
its not LOGO-GICAL. it's not coherent thinking. Without faith, reason goes to raving lunacy rather rapidly.


About the time Socrates was lecturing in Athens about philosophy, God was calling Abraham in faith, to go down to the promised land, and consequently, Abraham is often called the "father of the Jews" though Jesus said "call no man father."
Abraham was concerned about his inheritance, but when someone said to Jesus, "teacher, tell my brother to share the inheritance with me" Jesus said, my friend, who made me a judge over you? Be on guard against greed of all kinds.
In fact the inheritance of Jesus, which is eternity in ecstasy, if true, is worth infinitely more than money.
Yet, one thing we are all sure of is, we do need material sustenance upon this earth.
Abraham is a step in the evolution of anthropos.

If information in the age of the alphabet was organized A to Z, in the age of the internet which is based on numbers, it's organized Aaron to Zuck, good examples of the warp and woof of the net.(though unlike Jesus it's doubtful either one of them ever helped mend a fishing net.)
Aaron who challenged authority, like Jesus, and died because of it and owns nothing, (like Jesus), and Zuck who chose to appropriate it to himself and now owns a large part of an island in Hawaii.
Yet all three of these individuals owe their culture and their "story" to Abraham of Ur.
This course asks, who was this person, and was Uriel the "fire of God" the angel that hung out in the "caldron" of the caldees, Abraham's hood, so to speak?