DTMZ with the black sheep of the family

Frassati followers, since you're already eavesdropping anyway now you can get all the juicy fichidindia about the Gabuzzos in DTMZ or Dont touch my zabaglione, a weekly column in Vanity Plate Fabuzzo. Previously written only on pizzi in an obscure gabuzzo dialect and not allowed past the "city walls" of the Corleonese fortress in where else Corleone, except to be passed inside pizza crust to the desperados hiding out in the pianura, a persistent paparazzo has purloined the papers!
The very first installment investigates who stole the provolone, after extensive interviews with all the people living in the borghetto of Lou Monte it turns out Peppino the Italian mouse stole the provolone by chewing through the strings and dragging it back to his house where he chomped it into little pieces to get it through the door.