a note on economic bullying, which is passed down from capitalism into the defenseless among us: What is that but economic bullying after all which is simply another form of pushing people around until you find one you can knock down.
Sure you learn this from your boss, your dad, your stock trader... but must you pass it on? How vile are you? Exactly how vile is a bully?
The leopard remembers one cold rainy day in middle school, she walked to school late becuase of some family crisis and saw a little dog drenched in the freezing rain, crying against a fence in a yard paved over with tar. His little yelps seared into her soul. Her heart tore straight in two as she realized, if she tried to set him free, take him into her jacket and comfort him, the cops might arrest her for truancy-and the dog would be returned to the fence, to cry until he died...just as the inhabitants of a violent household, a jail or a workplace with no soul are condemend to do
And a certain outrage against this kind of vile authority, this kind of ridiculous injustice that could so easily be remedied but is not, was further cemented into her life.

escucha eavesdroppers and traductores!

These pages always turn into venting blogs where the volcano blows a hole and steam starts fizzing out.
So please, remember, use your passion wiseley..engage your mind in something good, otherwise your emotions will turn to temporary solutions. Yanis said as much at his speech to the Cambridge Union earlier this year.
As a professor at the Harvard Extention once said to the leopard, you better find something to do to use all that energy and intelligence, or it will get the best of you.
The leopard laughed, and he said, "im not joking, im absolutely serious.
of course, she was not the problem, she wanted very much to occupy her mind but her brothers demons were against it...Anyway, As it turns out, Ayanna Pressley is a pretty good role model for milk dud.
At least it appears that way, since Pressley has been upfront about the whole survivor situation.
so if dud is confused about emotions..who wouldn't be after experiencing a gypsy life?
AOC always seemed to have a blissfully stable existence with brother Gabriel and bf Riley...but it looks like Ayanna knows about being in the streets and being caged in the trap with a batterer, and she talks about it.
she also was prevented from getting a degree in the usual way..but she got one!
Her dad got some degrees too though he had been a heroin dealer and he ended up to be a professor.

After calling around to the hospice offices....the services of the leopard for three shifts in a row, even with no double time and, even as a caretaker wtih no violence, would have been $40 an hour, times 120 hours a week is five grand a week, or, TWENTY THOUSAND A MONTH so wheres that money? Where is the restitution? is there a judge in the house?
And she is being humiliated,and vilified and bullied.
Yeah, exactly.THis is a message from Waif U, also known as URIELS because we are not lepers but leopards, lynxes and other beautiful and graceful animals. "take that cisgender lol)
Yes, the core curriculum for fall is about and art and Eucatastrophe and all of the things that attract a human heart to joy.
could we prevent so many suicides and shootings and other mental problems? Sure would free up a lot of time and money and energy for fun stuff.

Here are some examples of how real life experience can create a curriculum which actually does something to lift humanity a little closer to paradise:

Fall is for faerie, for hope and for joy, and we always celebrate Bilbos 111th birthday on the 22nd, which is Tolkien day at Oxford.
Bilbos cake was surely something to behold and there are recipes for it all over the internet.
We recommend a cake from "cake boss" valastro, just copy it yourself and you won't have to shell out five hundred smackers or whatever the price.

If you are found being mean, you get evicted. being mean includes, lets vent a minute here, not even recognizing the value of all the landscaping done FOR NOTHING until recently when it was discovered that all of that counts FOR NOTHING....all the caretaking done FOR NOTHING all the therapy done FOR NOTHING and RIDICULED BY YOU as WORTHLESS at the same time no one did anything to help, too busy about their own stuff and avoiding pain which they gladly allowed you to suffer all alone, and then complain about how expensive these services are when people actually make you pay for them!!!! O MY GOD!!!!! You won't get evicted for being poor or for loving your neighbor as yourself. You won't have to pay rent at engelhaus because we are going to own all the houses in a community trust for domestic violence.
You wont need a SNAP card (and yes, the leopard often lived off the Discarded snap items that were actually discarded by illegal immigrants, so that, she was lower on the food chain than they. Yes, you read that correctly...the free food that is given sometimes goes directly into the dumpster without ever having been opened. cheese, peanut name it. )cause everyone is going to have GREEN GARDEN cards. That is if the dream ever comes to reality. if not at least we sketched it out.
TRUST LAW 101: ALl of the material we are taking the time to upload here will serve as teh backstory for the trust and the university as well.
Anyone who calls into question our motives, may review this material before passing judgments.

HONOR ONE O ONE: THE FORGOTTEN VIRTUE. the invisible one that keeps the world alive.
Did you know that honorable people do not talk trash about dishonorable people? The reverse however, --unfortunately, is not true. Dishonorable people do in fact talk trash about honorable people.
Its pretty clear you are all reading this stuff so guess what? whoever's been talking about milk dud, while milk dud's heart has been being beat up by people who love to hate her, and she has been contemplating homelessness, and going through hell, and having no godfather to protect her or stick up for her....well, she says this: take the chastity challenge, starting now. You will lose because dud has a character of iron, which is forged in the kind of suffering you have only seen in tragic movies. THere is more honor and purity and integrity in her little finger than there is in your whole lying cheating heart and ther is more maturity and solidity in one breath she takes, than in your whole respiratory system, and you just scapegoat milk dud because you could never be happy if you had to suffer like she does, instead you take it out on others. So come on over and see what's up, come on over. THERE IS NOTHING GOING ON. That said, Milk dud is going to be silent until the haze show, to see if the haze king comes or not. So, any news about the homelessness projec
There is no news, and our phone was acting up so we couldnt post anything anyways. In fact we erased some stuff that need to go back up here about the Leopards confirmation and what happened after.
But now, its five am sunday...have you been talking to Engleblau, your guardian angel. asking about life, weeping into his robe and asking for snuggles? can you hear the august crickets in the tall grass?Its the opening of the fall term at uriels, and would be also at many universities across the globe if not for covid,...perhaps if you are in their neighborhood and pass a cafe, you hear the quiet banter of sicilians drinking espresso and chatting... If you hear a car go by, you might be listening to a grocery store worker on their way to open up the back room and get double time for Sunday, -- the bakers have already been there for an hour or more, so you might get a free doughnut if they're in a good mood.
At hermanos cucaracha when the leopard worked there, the manager in the back was known as Bad attitude and anyone who worked there then will remember that well, as well as they remember the Sunday dinners cooked up on the wrapping machine by Johnny nat, when bad attitude was not around.
opening Sundays was a good double time gig, even if you didnt get any sleep whatsover, but attitude often jeopardized the Leopards career in a way far different from that of her brother: disregarding her core curriculum requirements.
languages was one, and she had been forced into Italian when french didnt fit her schedule.
You need to open tomorrow, attitude would say, be here at five thirty. I have a class at eight, she would respond. what class, conversational lithuanian? YOu just flunked it, attitude would say.
So the leopard, on her way home the next afternoon, stopped by figaro's. HEy, she said, As usual, the barber was in high spirits. Hey do you want to go out with me? I have two porsches! Can I borrow some tapes? You have hundreds, she said. Italian tapes? Sure! He brought his briefcase. Why do you want them? I need to learn Italian for school, she answered. OK, here- Which one you like?
Ironically, this method of learning proved so effective that in a few weeks, despite missing class after class, the Leopards skills had skyrocketed.
which brings us to the point the angel made this we open the fall term, remember that beauty, art, music, self-expression are not luxuries, they are necessities. They are necessary to human hope and health and happiness.
And here, is our Italian ONe o one class: First set, the weather which Figaro braved day in day out to stand on the sidewalk and shout; the two classics, O SOLE MIO, VENTO and E CHIOVE by bocelli.
Bad attitudes were very familiar to the leopard. It is well known now that there are "tells" that predict a future of homicide and/or misogyny and sexual violence, and one is, rage at little animals, the small and defenseless, and torture and decapitation.
El juez seethed with rage--rage, aptly named a "deadly sin" against the world, and pounded his wife with terror day after day, eventually pounding his son with his fists, until the son knockd out Mr. LJ's front teeth in fifth grade. At that same time, the six year old leopard loved flowers, and had not lost the penchant for girly girl things that would later be blasted from her consciousness by the loco. He began by snarling at her six year old underwear. Flowers, he would snarl, grabbing at them with rage on his face. He was ten.
PEDOPHILE JUDGES.(incidentdally for what its worth, a colleague of the judge, another judge who is recently deceased, and whose son is taking money that rightfully belongs to the leopard, asked the leopard one day if looking at little boys was a crime. As in, she said, resisting the urge to crawl through the phone and crack him over the head with a pipe. You know, child porn, he said. I just got into it because my friend at the ski chalet was doing it on break.
This from the mouth of a sitting judge who owned the greater part of a town, and who bragged about his ski vacations and fancy sports cars. The leopard does not wish to smear a dead man, only to exonerate herself and perhaps, find a bit of justice in this world. SHe was driven from her office not by laziness, but when her dad took over her computer-- after certain other relatives were getting it on in the house, and she was getting blamed for it--and started putting porn all over it and asking to Fxxx her.)
As he grew, the rage only intensified. As we have seen, at 14 he threw his father into a wall and said, if you touch me again, Ill kill you.
The teacher at the catholic high school he had begun to attend told his mother he elieved the loco was using a lot of drugs and it would only get worse.
But nothing could stop him, as he careened toward destruction. His hated for his mother took the form of Van halen, and every afternoon a ritual would ensue: He would turn on MTV, screech at the screen, threaten his mother with pelvic thrusts and call her a bitch. She was hard of hearing, but she knew what was up, though she refused to admit it to herself.
Not surprisingly, the leopard began to love androgynous music...Elton john, boy George, Howard Jones, and the anguished blue eyed soul of dexys midnight runners.
This also enraged the loco.
I dont want to be hip and cool, the leopard would shout with joy. HOWIE screamed the loco, eventually tussling with her to prevent her from listening.
When she came home for thanksgiving after a couple of months at the garden school, he said boy are you a bitch now.
And so here is our Blue Eyed Soul class, for music lovers who want to understand the volcano:
How and why did african americans grasp the essence of soul and teach it to singers like Rowland? (cf: bill withers, was good to me, pretend Im bill and lean on me). Some students may find the song "american plan" by Jimmy cliff to be especially instructive here.)
The loco was diagnosed with many, many sicknesses from the DSM but the roots of his "schizophrenia" can at least partially be traced to a father who took commununion at a catholic mass every sunday and then beat on his familiy physically and emotionally, without mercy,and when asked to apologize by the tearful, terror stricken wife, would scream IM NOT FUCKING SORRY GODDAMMIT AND IM NOT GOING TO FUCKING APOLOGIZE!
consider that this person sat in judgment in a black robe, judgeing people and being called "your honor" and receving awards from organizations like CASA.
Consider now the meaning of "schizophrenia".
If this interests you, consider a law class or a psych class.

so write up a transcript, see what you know, see how many credits you have.

we keep our word, we will not yank your work out from under you no matter what kind of family problems you have.
As for staying an an air b and b alone as a woman, how naive exactly are you? Do you not know that men and women inhabit different areas of the universe? Men, bodyguards whose services cost...something, and women, those who need bodyguards and must pay with ..something. Since some of us have no bodyguards and have been up since four to put out the trash on the street before the sun comes up and we get hassled, second time this week since the trashmen forgot to pick up our barrel and who knows if that was deliberate because sometimes they just want to see who it is....and if its a woman, she probably has no bodyguard and maybe she is living along and YADDA YADDA....Let us tell you a Sunday morning, the leopard a vagabond as usual but with a car which she sometimes was fortunate enough to have, and without the loco in tow, but the leopards car broke down in the middle of a ghetto, at a mcdonalds where she had stopped to eat, and she wandered the streets praying to God to show her a solution, as she had no phone, which in those days was not unusual as it would be today, and no money to hire a mechanic. After hours of nothing, she noticed people exiting a church, and walked up to one but he rushed into his car, not even returning her greeting and locked the door. Keep in mind, the leopard is white, caucasian as they come. After another long while, she approached an elderly gentelman dressed respectably, but he crossed the street without answering. Finally in an alleyway she heard cheery latin music and saw brown legs sticking out from under a car. Jackpot, she said to herself, and approached the legs. Hey hello she said, and receiving no response, she repeated the greeting in Spanish, would you do me a favor? The legs rolled out to reveal a puerto rican. sure, what? I hate to interrupt your work, but I have an emergency here. Would you come fix my car? If I can, said the man cheerily, where you at? Mcdonalds, she said happily as the two strolled out of the alley onto the street. So whats with the scaresy, nobody on this street talked to me for three hours, I went all the way up and back must have passed ten miles and more (runs in the family with big cats this walking stuff). Yeah, they are afraid, its all drug dealers here with guns. They think you're a setup.
He hits on everyone including his boss in that order....Borders is not a half bad place to meet bodyguards if you arent picky, as the leopard learned. Its a good place to hang if you have no money, so she was studying when a man in the next aisle said hello. Built and clean shaven, with black boots and a straight back... he must be military, she said to herself. And so it was.,,he was a marine, entered the service straight out of high school, dishonorably discharged for stealing and acting up in some arab area.
Will you be my bodyguard so I can go to the beach? She said, IM dying to get some sun and air. I'll pay you meals and a wage, and we can use my wheels, and you can hit on any girl you like as long as I can say Im with you if anybody bothers me.
He jumped at the chance.