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Fun, but so much more: the filosophy of fabuzzoCost of newsletter: one fruit pie. Is that teh same price as The fugazzo fuits
well i woke up to the vuvuselas the fans were turning the cup to a blow fight.
and its julio, im no longer a child I'll send in the papers, be free like the 4th of july.
The judge swore and said dont tell me you are, funded by escobar, I said no, I never said we are, well I guess i cant be free like taht so I left through the window and told Quinto I wouldnt be back.
cause you're never alone, when there's music on your phone, just dream ONNN may the tracks and the sound build your hope upon the ground, just dream onnnnn
So I met up with some friends who could give me a ride, to the T station on the green line.
But the godfather said Carbone needs a good wife, and pretty soon I'm gonna die.
And he used to say we could cheat it all to make up for the times we'd been cheated on.
But its nice to know Im not in jail or dead, Im a dud and now I don't roam the streets, cause Engelblaus' looking out for me,
Woo daedalus, my wings are on fire, but my legs are fine, they just take a little time,
the moon is full just like it was before, it will shine like it shone and show us how nothings ever gonna stop us now!

The band Fun obviously wanted to have fun, and its more fun to make music or any kind of art than to philosophize about it.
It just is.
But in order to explain the philosophy of Fabuzzo, Tolkien explained that we are all in exile, a sort of prison and we all want to get out and go home, hence our fascination with fabuzzi, or tales of paradise.
Fabuzzi or fables, and fairy tales too, are all about heaven.
Forse non e facile fare un foglio soltanto per i fans della Valanga ma --fans of fabuzzo, the gabuzzos, and the valangaverse in general may be jonesing for a newsletter.
THe first Vanity Plate fabuzzo newsletters came out about three years was a jest, as the name "vanity plate fabuzzo" suggests, a jest of Vanity fair and the Italian word for fable Fiabba, combined with the gabuzzos of Prior fame.

the band Fun did a video for Carry On, which in some ways is reminiscent of Rowland's realism in the streets of working class dublin or wherever. The shots of the band in the street, the baggy pants and oversized shoes or in the case of fun, sneakers with the word "fun" inked onto the toes.
Anyways the Leo house did a newsletter which really was cool.
The Leo house is really cool and they deserve a shout out.
The Valangaverse has certainly been the situs of a lot of adventures GEEZE LOUISE where do we begin?
but at present we must repair to the kitchen for some fruit pies. Its just fun ok thats all it is and the amount of fans and haters and whatever else that this whole thing attracted will ever rain a mystery. This is not TMZ this is the valangaverse. its God's universe, made of pure love and we can all live here if we want to just talk to Engel at the customs office.