make sure you pass a few mock GEDS before applying to UU.
We have to meet standards as they are now, not as we hope they will be.

Thus, you must take and pass the GED and the SAT, not for our purposes but to comply with Federal rules regarding educational standards for a university.
following tests: Pinocchio, The Lord of the Rings, The Unhappy Young People, Una Valanga di Vita.
The unhappy young people is written by Pasolini who was scandalous and we leave it up to individuals whether they approve of unemancipated minors studying Pasolini but we posit that there is more scandal in your average hip hop song or in the history of the average American family, than there is in Pasolini.
Its just that no one admits it.

Standardized tests are not the best way to pass a Saturday but it's just a necessary evil so to speak.
You have to have standards to satisfy Caesar, so just Think of it as practicing for Eden's Embassy.
We are so lucky to have the internet!
The Padrino wanted to learn to read but he was too shy to go to elementary school with the lynx but you dont really have to do that at this point, information of all kinds is so readily available in abundance now and it's essentially free, so education really does have a chance to be truly democratic if we want it to be