We probably need an English translation of the name to lead people "ad parnassum", to PGF, Engelblau and uriel and the Gardens.
Because we all come from different cultures and experiences, Pier Giorgio spoke Italian. Klee, who painted Engelblau was a German speaker. Uriel is venerated in Ethiopia and Etrirea as well as Greece and Egypt.
but here in the US for better or for worse, secondary and post-secondary education is usually conducted in English.
So, this is a scholarly discussion of the name. After all, accreditation is expensive and beyond our reach right now.
but we might as well demonstrate the knowledge we have and "self accredit" as the Government recommends
As always it is provided for whoever wishes for that sort of thing, but as Albert and Aquinas knew, all truth is at the Service of the Lion of Giuda.!

Leon is not merely some snarky reference to a cinematic sicario.
We have noted elsewhere, that there are many ways in which Leon is an apt namesake for the Landslide of Life.
ONE: Jesus is often referred to as the Lamb of God, true. (lambda connection?) but also the Lion of Judah, a theme taken up not only by CS Lewis but in the song Solid Foundation, in which the singers declare "no matter what the people of the world say, I and I holding onto Jah. I and I still praise jah. The singers further lament the fact that the people don't know Jah, the conquering lion of Judah. And if they dont' know Jah, should we not then make Jah known.
TWO: The kingdom of Leon was one of the first medieval democracies, drawing on the greek DEMOS so often discussed by Varoufakis.
This was the reason John Keane, the proponent of the Eastern European "flying democracies", advocated for its status as the first parliamentary democracy of Europe to be recognized by the UN. Since Leon is named for Legion, a military encampment, its nice to think that we realized the parley of Leon came out of the experience of war.
THREE: Cor Leon, named for Richard the Lionhearted ,was the city of a thousand churches and an important cultural center.
FOUR: Leon Montagna, the fictional Christ figure in the movie. Obviously hearkens back to Scarface, but also the name literally means, mountain lion versus Matilda Lando, land warrior.
This fits their characters, Leon content to lurk long and silently strike and Matilda spoiling for an all out manifest battle on the plain.
The story of Leon is a fairy tale, Besson said so himself.
And Jean Reno, a friend of the Abbe Pierre foundation, according to the internet, adjusted the story to turn Leon into a more christlike character.

As for the donation button, it was the government that was curious about the company, which prompted us to put the button in a prominent place on the page.
The fund was always discreetly provided for the deposition and safeguarding of the bare minimum needed for someone to be happy, which is far below the federal poverty guidelines.
If there is some injustice in this, we would gladly hear it.