IS FOR LAZIO. what's that all about?
One of the reasons Tolkien was able to create such an elaborate and attractive engel-land (england, yes the word England is based on the word engel, and has a germanic root) is not just because Uriel is the patron of Oxford, or because T lived in Africa as a child and likely heard creation myths from the Lion of Giuda.
It's probably because as a student of linguistics and history he knew a lot of details about history of the northern tribes and their version of faerie.
One might say this made him a cultural angelologist but many story tellers use history in their stories, angelic or otherwise.
For example in the de niro movie "analyze this" the names of two of the mobsters, Gelli and Sindona, are lifted from the real historic" banker of blackfriars bridge" murder, in what could have been the cinematic verison of "the dark heart of Italy."
since scientists say we are on the cusp of a new age, the "anthropocene", (reference vatican video on climate change) and we need to grow up and start taking care of our mother, the earth
today's Gabuzzo gram deals with Latium.
Today is the feast of Our Lady of Pompei, and of course everybody knows Pompei was destroyed by Vesuvius. But did you know the word "Latin" comes from the tribe of Latium which was built on a triangle of fertile volcanic soil knwon as the cradle of volanology, and grew into the Roman empire..which as we know is the government that goes down in history as executing Jesus.
the intimidating LAW given to moses out of a volcano, should be transforme into what St Paul calls the angels singning in festival canticle... should be a law of love and nothing more, or as Augustine of Hippo says "love and do what you will."
this is the foundation of the hope of the Garden goverment


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