Song for this weekend is dedicated to VOXPOP, from the old Roman saying "VOX POPOLI VOX DEI", the Voice of the people is the voice of God:
St Augustine of Hippo also said, He who sings prays twice and many other people, not only journalists, have adopted the idea of Vox pop.
lets throw us a party by "the twin towers", a mashup of 6th avenue heartache by the "wallflowers".
We are not wallflowers, we are going to rebuild the twin towers of hope and joy.
The story of 6th avenue heartache supposedly is of a homeless man who broke the singer's heart when he disappeared.
This party would provide a venue to find out who that man is so he is not invisible, get him back on his feet and let him sing along with the rest of New York.
This is also a great example of how musical melodies harmonize in the heart and bring harmony to hearts, is like a confluence of waters that flow into human hearts and communities, because Wagon Wheel, a song about the south, led to Darius led to Dylan led to 6th avenue heartache and back to NYC.
REFRAIN: So let's claim this prize, I'm gonna give it to you if you give it to me, it's gonna draw us in, Let's throw us a party.
PLEASE NOTE: The Libretto while fictional is based on real people and events and has been edited to protect the privacy of individuals.
It has also been edited to remove controversial content, though nothing in the controversial content is unusual in our present day society.
It is printable on paper, is sized 8 1/2 inches by 5 1/2 inches, and has 24 pages.
In order for the pages to come out in the correct sequence you have to pay attention to the way your printer prints.

the engel connects us all in our hearts through space and time, and uses music to build us into a family.
If a person experiences this, they are changed forever...they become part of something new, a new people. New York is magical for music, this is where Broadway musicals were born.
The Play for Change video is a model of what could be accomplished in the boroughs of NYC, a chorus of communities singing together through the opportunity that the kareoke party venue provides.
KUDOS TO kurt vonnegut and the cats cradle story which is really about cuba in many ways.
This musical is also an example of what music can do and a kareoke party could tour the world building a new society based on the NYC model.
A fictional tale based on the experiences of a wide variety of individuals, of how music helps people to understand their own experiences better, communicate with each other more constructively and build more sturdy communities of love.
The deceased DJ is somewhat like the Phantom of the opera but instead of being a tragic figure, he encourages the singers to come together in song.
THE ART THERAPY HANDBOOK illustrates how this works with case studies about art, and music is similar and related to visual art.
The histoire dun coeur like the histoire of a people is easier to express emotionally through music.