Milk duds, the moon, Moses and the Mountain Mitzvahs, the Messiah, and the Monetine Mondiali

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This needs to go in the valanga site, probably. This is actually enough for several entries if citations are properly made, its important to understand the confusion around Uriel and Satan who hoped to be a Light bearer and instead bore the light away and tried to own it instead of sharing it with the universe.
It is easy to see why a child might associate milk duds (and maiz crispeta as well at the movies) with Moses, the munchable magma, Elijah, the earthquakes on Mount Sinai and Carmel and the Maseratis from the Paradise Scuderia.
Children have not developed the ability to analyze and abstract as much as adults have.
Of course, there are scholarly references to back up the childlike concreteness, if one seeks the approbation of the academic assemblage. Literarly fooling around aside, it's clear that Jesus was a scholar of the torah, and was more than a match for any pharisee, sadducee, scribe, or doctor of the law, even though he did not charge admission to his pop up university.

The astronomical significance of the First Sunday afer a full moon, for those who adhere to the story of El Elyon's Eucharistic Eucatastrophe: Why Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox. This Sunday November 13 (aside from being Engelblau inauguration day in a way) is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Day of the Dead, so one might say it's the Easter of all Saints..