This is a veridical account of the experience I had with the "midwest construction company" aka MIDWeTS CONSTRUCTOIN PRODUCTS AKA MIDWEST PAVING AND WHO NOWS HOW MANY MILLISONA ND BILLIONS HE STASHED UP HIS BEHOOLEE while I CANT EVEN BUY A TIRE PLUG FOR THE FAST AND FURIOUS YOU FATHEADED FLEERING FRAUD ok taht god away from me thereand its huckster head, Hingorani.
I am going to stuff you and your sirloin eating hide in the basement with the swine herders who told jEsus to leave the district BY GOD I"LL FRY YOUR FANNY and put a fertilizer bomb in there and see how you like that lolnThe first weird thing was that he asked to me to send pictures and growled ARE YOU HOT? in his weird accent that did not sound at all Latino to my ears (and I am fluent in Latin Spanish.)
I guess I dont want to be in the caravan I said to myslef.
Why is your name Jose if you don't speak Spanish? I queried. Im Bavarian he said presumably because he saw the Engelblau website, and wanted to appear riendly and chummy. Jose is a guy that used to work for me.
It sounded WAY off, he DEFINIATELY is not Bavarian, but I am used to people who are a bit shy of the authorities due to being illegal and undocumented so that didnt bother me, and as far as him trying to put the moves on me well Even governor cuomo doe that and so do Clinton Trump weinstein Oj and whoever else.
Little did I know that the theiving Hingorani was stelaing from disabled Vets and claiming he "just wanted to help them run their own company and felt horrible about hsi dishonesty. Given a break by the Judge, Stephanie Rose, in 2015 he appears to have gone right ahead and gone back to his thievery, ripping me off as well as his other dupes and stoops. GEEZZZZ THe fact is hingorani thinnks the US govt funds are his and his alone, why not? his theory is if trump clinton obama and nixon can do it why not me? I deserve a golf course in Hyannis just like Ted Kennedy and his crew! Putin got a castle as payment for his loyalty to besoz or whatever David brooks is right Im a bobo in construction fund paradise!Neocities.

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