URIEL's is an ivy league quality educational system whose center is a research university.
We are here to research paradise, or, the hope in every human heart: why is it so elusive? Is it money, ease of life, sex, power, love, adulation or some other thing we really crave? Why does despair drive people to violence! Why are we so ashamed of and in denial regarding mental illness, is it fear, pride, greed, or some other cause? what can we do to remedy this?

to our diehard fans who are wondering, what about the realness? What about the volcanos and bugattis and moons and galaxies and crazy tunes and all that? (and if you're Pippin you might even say what about elevensies? Do ya think he's heard aboot them?)
We will archive these eventually if possible but we need to focus on what makes the university worthy of the name.

ONE: Hours of operation.
As much as some people in the public will object, Uriel's will attempt to reestablish the regular hours we advocated in the beginning, 8 am to 8 pm and we strongly recommend regular meals and fresh air when possible, physical activity, and 8 hours of sleep per 24 hour day for health reasons.
If you get behind on something, please try to scale back rather than take "no doz".
We know all about the MIT hackers and the all night hackathons and let's face it, in general, not a good idea. There's a reason the sun sets and no-doz plants dont just pop up when it does.
If you do work at night, at least sleep during the day if at all possible

We encourage you to download and print your "Gaia green card" or however you wish to call it, which is your student/faculty/staff ID and also a sign that you are part of our effort toward world peace.
It should be green, with the words GREEN CARD OF GARDEN FEDERATION PERMANENT RESIDENCY or something to that effect on it.
All members of our community should have one, if they have attained to 14 years of age.
We will probably keep a private registry of all those who have a legitimate guadalupe gardens card; however it will not contain data which is used to control the person economically and socially, but instead, a la Garry Davis, it will show that the person loves the earth and its creatures which is far more crucial to life.
To prevent the abuse of the "gaia green card" instead of bureacratic data mining a la Tuttle/buttle, we propose personal love, which means, there should be a group of friends holding a "group card" or "tribal governnace card" willing to vouch for the character of each individual green card holder.
Your friends know youa re not a terrorist..or if you are, and they don't, they are not really your friends.
If you have no such group wh y not start one? The sooner we do this, the sooner our beloved earth will heal and we who live here will breath easier, and sleep in peace.The cards are going to be old school for a while, so just use Avery self laminating ID cards or any similar product, you don't need a laminating machine and they only cost about 50 cents a piece.
Yes, color ink is extra, so if you don't want the green background that's up to you, or just use a crayon.
We will hopefully provide a registration form for these in case you want to register yourself with the Garden Federation as a prospective permanent resident.
We need the Donate button here, not this form. PAIN IN BEHULA
the government receives taxes in exchange for services, in theory, it should be crowd sourceable.
Then everyone gets to see what's going on
So what services do you get with this ID card? With faculty we could load the salary onto the card, with students, load meal tickets or whatever.
if it really is Uriels UBI , then everyone gets the same amount on the card.
For now we could just use the vanilla gift system, and print the cards with Uriel's UBI.
It's going to take some thought.


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