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Uriels is conceived as a research university ,and the apology for this idea of UBI and has a few key elements that are foundational to the pedagogy.
Because if we are going to make UBI work we have to be methodical and patient, and think it through carefully.
This isn't going to happen overnight, by any means, though the recent popularity of UBI amongs such poeple as Yang, Sanders and Pope Francis shows its universal appeal in our times.

The university is founded on happiness, since, the leopard had to leave college due to her brother's mental distress and the inability of his own university, his doctors, his family and the society at large to do anything about it.
Not having the opportunity to pursue a traditional degree and the advantages that entails, the leopard appreciated acutely what that meant and decided to propose to the world the lessons she had used to prevent her brother from killing himself, and saving her family millions of dollars in the process since unlike McLean's hospital she was not being paid anything for the work she did.
no one though should havr to go throught what she went through.
She wrote her thesis four years late and dedicated it to Italian film director Pasolini, whose obsession with why young poeple were so unhappy resonated with her in a special way.
Eucatastrophe, which she had discvered in middle school when her brother's drug problem first came to the attention of his teachers,Gaia theory which she wrote about extensively in high school and phenomenology which she discovered in college, became the three pronged trident of the "pedagogical Pier Giorgio, engelblau, the angel Uriel, etc.