Uriel's is really nothing more than a project of placing online for the benefit of people, materials that were circulated to people who wished to use them.
It is envisioned as a cooperative self-governing university, one could truly say that like the New Frankfurt School it is a "University in Exile" but from a different sort of menace.
we honor the mission of aaron swartz in placing it online. in fact the death of swartz together and the subsequent appropriation of some of his ideas by EdX, with the resignation of ratzinger and the election of Bergoglio, and the marathon bombing, the resurrection of Geocities, worked together to bring this about.
and life experience is absolutely acceptable as credit since we are trying to provide materials for credentials to people who were exiled from having them for whatever reason.
The university project is based in part on gaia theory, nature is good and is our friend essentially; part on bs theory and phenomenology; we should study reality itself, and part on Eucatastrophe, the principle of hope beauty and creativity coming from a supernatural source.
Classes designed for a 16 week trimester; Curriculum and materials subject to peer review.(?)
The value of this is what we make it.
(The Borghetto Gabuzzos which is a creative "spin" on cultural phenomena, the varsity guide with Van Gogh, Klee and Kandinsky, newsletters, realist show scripts, etc, the L poetry, the Leopard and Lynx tales, Histoire de Coeur musical theater which is probably fifty songs or so if they are all collected.all part of the creative "eucatastrophe" portion of the degree. it belongs to all of us. We build it together instead of against each other or in isolation.
Mashups and covers are part of the "cauldron" of creative work.
As they are educational project and not commercial, right, there is no copyright issue Also find the leon paper, thats a scholarly thing too. the company formation even if a bit wacked out, counts for biz entity credit, right?
There are no grades, this is like Nomadelfia. If shakira said we are all afrika well we are all valanga.