the first Aim was Asylum and for that, Assets needed to be Amassed.
An athenian apologetic turned into an academy, complete with Admissions, arts atheletics etc etc. and with that the whole university was aggregated and appended to the asylum assay.

seriously though, scherzi aparte..or scherzare coi fanti e lascia stare ai santi..Have you ever wondered where you're going?
Paradise, hopefully. That must have been what Klee was thinking.
Have you ever been looking for the road to paradise and at the same time looking for all those lost lynx? Or links? Because the webpage is a train wreck meets dumpster fire situation?
So yeah, we need to find these links, which are often as elusive as the Iberian lynx.
Anyway Uriel's is Universal, but came about for people who wanted an education but for whatever reason were unable to pursue one in the traditional manner.
Maybe it was family problems, or financial issues or other reasons.
IT's important to realize that Though Uriel's is in a sense a "ghetto university", and though the people who founded it never intended for it to be public, at the same time their difficulty in pursuing higher learning so as to enter into dialogue with ideas, was not of their own making.
The contrary is true: the roots of this school are ivy league in the truest sense of the word, and though interested in defending the Eucharist as the entrance to Eden, rather than discrediting its potency and efficacy, the tradition of higher education has always been respected by the Valanga di Vita company.
Uriel's is supposed to be a lighthouse, a star, a volcano, a candle or anything else that lights the way to heaven. That's his job as the "fire of God" and its also the job of a University.
So come on Uriel, design your page.
We're waiting, wondering, and wishing on the Uriel Star.
Administered by the Valanga di Vita aka Pier giorgio Frassati.
Admissions handled by Engelblau.
Uploading an entire University is not a job for a handful of people; however

Pier Giorgio's Pedagogical project: Pinocchio Puppet Primary, Matilda's Middle Earth,Loschi Liceo Liricale di Letizia Engelblau College etc