The Landslide of Life. Established July, 2015. Granted federal status as a public service educational organization October 2015.
The company got its name from the phrase "Una Valanga di Vita" which was a university nickname of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati. Find out more about him HERE.
The pages are very cool and the first one on the list is angel city.The Valanga did lose its tax-exempt status through no fault of its own; actually through a quiet deed of mercy; however, recent developments of which we again are entirely innocent have made it legally possible for us to reapply pending certain preliminary conditions which we are working to fulfill at this time.
Being granted U.S.A. public service status is no small thing, it requires a lot of diligence and hard work as anyone who has experienced it will know.
If you wish to participate in our online core curriculum or university system and do not have an internet connection, we may be able to help you as we used to. Please be patient, and keep checking back on the main website for updates