The San Damiano Mission is located across from Mccarren Park in Brooklyn, not far from the Doughut shop.
The Lot Radio is there as well. There is a website with a lot of musical material which we will clean up if possible. For now,
AN EXAMPLE OF A DJ WEBSITE AN EXAMPLE OF A DJ ON BANDCAMPHOMEThe Lot Radio @San Damiano Mission Nassau Avenue Brooklyn Soundtrack --
did you know, Cosmas and Damian were free care medics?
The government killed them for that.
ABOUT ENGELBLAU COLLEGE: Its the economy, stupid.
of course we all want the free loaves and fishes that made Jesus so popular in the first place.
But the road to the Garden starts with listening to your guardian angel, and Engelblau College is the first stop we mortals make.
Pinocchio is the "wish upon a star, let your conscience be your guide" fairy tale which provides the foundation for the Primary school, and intended for all ages.
If you don't understand why,(who does?) or a class on Pinocchio sounds patronizing for adults, take the Tolkien class first.


Paradise is often associated with angels of course and with the color blue of the sea and sky which call up intense longing in our heart.
ART and HEART are the driving forces behind our actions, one might say la puissance motrice du feu/ARS in our lives.
Icarus attempting to access the golden sun in the blue dipinto di blue, fell to his death.
Odyseus had any number of adventures while sailing the ocean blue.
Tolkien was an artist of pedagogy one might say, he was well aware that modern people cannot simply believe in the ancient pantheon any more than they can believe that teh moon is made of green cheese. (wait is it? LOL)
Promoting the freedom and happiness of Paradise epitomized in the "green card" requires a pedagogical technique.
It is a process of education.(cf The Tolkien thesis of faerie).

In this process, Engelblau could be envisioned as the guardian and guiding angel of your heart, if you believe in angels as Tolkien did. (for a person whose relationship to his guardian angel was that of BFF see Padre Pio.)
Engelblau is a german word meaning "blue angel" and is often applied in the context of color, to products such as ice cream.
However, it also refers to the Blau Reiter, a group of artists using a fantastic blue horse as their logo (who has ever seen a real blue horse) who believed color and sound could awaken the human spirit which had been squashed by too much industrial smog and noise.
see for example the poem, "the world is too much with us late and soon, getting and spending we lay waste our powers."

After our original domain name lavalangadivita.com was held for ransom so to speak and we lost it, the name "engelblau" came to be associated with a painting "the listening angel" by the swiss musician and painter Paul Klee, a member of the blau reiter group, who like Pier Giorgio was embroiled in the conflicts of Europe.
As Klee was dying of schleroderma, he painted a large number of odd looking angels that are now in the public domain, and have become popular to use in coloring books and art exhibits.

One might think of this listening angel as a teacher, since angel literally means, messenger, and a messenger reports what he or she hears.
It is a very famous phrase from the gospels, Jesus said "I do not speak on my own behalf, but I speak what I hear from the Father.
Dante put this into the mouth of the poet Virgil in the Divine Comedy "da me stesso non vengo".
So, in order to be an effective announcer, apologist, or academic, the first thing we have to do is listen.
(Other events involving a deceased disc jockey sometimes referred to as "engelblau" have no place in this arena.
instead, Engelblau college's signature Tolkien class presents an artistic, yet academic approach to angels that uses historical data to broach supernatural subjects to a cynical world.)HOME.

(NOTE: the angels featured on the ange gate on the home page are blue angels by Van Gogh
Van Gogh, an expressionist,was said to have been influenced by Rembrandt in this effort, and is important to the Valanga for his struggles with mental distress, -- one of the original contributors to the Valanga curriculum also had a brother who struggled with mental distress and she herself was majoring in art history and psychlogy and did a stint on the night shift at a Boston area mental hospital.
as well as for his famous painting the starry night. Stars are often used as symbols of hope, as in "wish upon a star"