MISSION: We are dedicated to proposing remedies for sadness, and promoting education towards well-being.
The need for this is becoming more and more evident all over the world,
as new achievements on the material plane have brought new problems in the realm of the psychological and spiritual.
To achieve our mission, we pledge our friendship to each other, so that we will never be alone,
We focus on the good, on mobilizing the vitality of goodness.

MEMBERS: The Landslide of Life is a company of friends whose desire for this common friendship is the only requirement for membership.
That said, we note that we are pursuing friendship in the AGAPE sense of that word, more than the FILIA sense.
There is a page on members elsewhere on this website.
If you wish to contact the group, write to LeonsLandslide@gmail.com

MENTOR: Leon Montana is our mentor. Leon is a fictional character from the French/American film The Professional
This film is about mental illness, drug addiction and its real life consequences.
Leon may be a "skandalon" in the biblical sense; nonetheless he is our mentor
because despite his immersion in a world full of sorrow his defining deed was one of AGAPE.
Goodness, even heroic virtue, does not always appear where we think it should.
Sometimes, amid the weeds and winters of this world, you find roses growing.
Leon can also be thought of as the De Facto Dean,
and Leon's List is not the list of "High Academic Achievers" but contains documents pertaining to the management of the Landslide.
(We are currently leaning towards using the rules of the old Archconfraternity of St Michael for Leon's List.
It seems to be a defunct group now but the rules are still extant as far as we know.
It would seem that a warrior prince would be a good model for a group under the patronage of Leon.)

METHOD: How does a company "remedy the sadness of the world" and "mobilize the vitality of goodness?"
We are pursuing an educational program to answer this question.

MANAGEMENT: The foundation and administration of Leon's is all anonymous,
so meet: (PROFILES COMING) The Sicilian The Puma The Captain The First Mate The Aztec The Eagle The Kazoo