about monetine mondiali

This is for the government and anyone else who is curious. There is nothing "off" about this. It just is what it is.
monetine mondiali is an Italian phrase meaning, worldwide wealth. We needed a way to keep our money safe from harm. In this world which we have created, money is essential to life.
As far as why is the title in Italian? It just happened like that. The Italian language is descended from Latin, a language which in its turn is based heavily on Greek, which 3000 years ago had ceded military might to the Romans in favor of debate on how to get to heaven.
The Romans eventually lost world dominance in their turn but their language became the language of the Engelbrott Mass in the western world. So that a person curious about who Jesus was, and whether He really did rise from the dead, might be curious about why the Romans killed him when he had no money or military ambitions whatsoever.

The Valanga di Vita Co. Inc. is a public service organization hoping to one day propose Paradise permanent residence cards to those who need a safe place to stay, and if possible to anyone who wishes, through a pedagogical path to paradise.
The company is small and humble, however, when the government demanded an explanation, the Valanga relying on Jesus who said "you will be dragged before courts because of me, but do not worry about your defense", responded with the "skandalon skole", it begins with a simple three class program, the "mind body spirit" view of existence, to save money on mental health by proposing free ideas. Neocities.