PLEASE NOTE AS REGARDS SOURCE CODE, most of the code on these pages is from neocities itself, w3schools, codepen or some other open source developer platform
It's not advanced code, and can be had for free if you have half an hour a day for a few months.
Most of us spend more than that on social media anyway, we are just consuming rather than creating.(see for example Pasolini on this.)
Imagine if minecraft for example did not involve money, how humble and potentially pier giorgio like the gaming culture might be today?
the angels, if real, create from pure love and do not need nor want to be paid.
Should we not aspire to return to the paradise they inhabit? It's a thought.

The Valanga di Vita Company, Inc., Where does this name come from? What does it mean?
It means, "avalanche of life." It comes from the university nickname of a man from Turin named Pier Giorgio Frassati,
There are so many pages on here about Pier Giorgio like this one for exampleTHIS ONE that have a lot of sensitive emotional information because of venting
It became obvious that the company was not under the radar but every time the page was updated it got "valangaviews"
so what the hey? If PGF wants to use these pages to get the message across, "Giorgio, by all means!".
You will do a better job than anybody, just keep us safe and sound please.

This nickname became the title of a book, and then of this company.

PS if you didnt get a miracle like Kevin Becker read the story of Kevin Kret here
If Pier giorgio seems way too holy, (we get that)read about Bartolo Longo, another Blessed who while he was at the University, used to be a Satanic Priest.
If the whole thing is just too weird to believe, we get that too, that's why we are offering the Tolkien class.

Pier Giorgio Frassati is, or was, depending if you believe in eternity, (he did) an Italian born at the turn of the last century who inherited a priviledged social position and according to his friends, had an engaging personality.

However, as he grew up, the social fabric of Europe was being torn apart by a loss of faith in God, and by economic inequality, anger. For the first time in history, a global conflict was possible, and was instigated by a "terrorist" who killed the heir to the Austrio-Hungarian empire.This is odd since why would a continent full of Christians fight each other over money? It seems like a contradiction in terms.

Pier Giorgio responded to this situation with a volcanic energy of love and generosity that has made him into a "lighthouse" for people today. Many schools, church groups, hiking clubs and mountain peaks and trails across the globe now bear his name.

This company was formed and named by accident, (it was only a small initiative to foster vulnerable people, hence "monetine mondiali or worldwide wealth", and never envisioned as a company), but it was probably an angelic accident: Pier Giorgio probably wants to announce his message of hope to as many people as possible, and the best thing we can do is get out of the way and let him do it.

As far as the AIDA model of attracting interest, we do hope that PGF will reach as many people as he wishes to.

Wee are starting out with a pilot on Tolkien because Tolkien is obviously a thinking person, the movie LOTR is known to so many, it is written in English which is an internationally known language, yet Tolkien and Frassati share the same faith in Christ.
So, let's see what happens.