We can go on forever about the Uriel U class of '22 horseshoe crew and the Double U (my yoke is easy and my burden is light).
However, One important thing to realize is that to be a legitimate university the institution must award degrees,
and thus, a candidate for this degree must have 40 4 credit classes at the college level, yes, it may go up to 40. Still being examined
Life experience is also worthy of credit under certain circumstances, in case someone was out living.
at least four of these classes must be in the three core areas of BEAUTY TRUTH AND GOODNESS,
that would be the arts, the so called natural sciences, and the so called social sciences
The pilot class we are running for public consumption is TOLKIEN: ON FAIRY STORIES. We may also run ON BULLSHIT over the break, as was the tradition, depending on how it goes. Because it is necessary to distinguish between Faerie and Bologna. Hi, Pasolini. How are you lately?
This is in order to present a rational argument for the existence of angelic beings, or faerie as Tolkien refers to them.
Otherwise, the name "Uriel university" would seem inappropriate for a legitimate research institution.
This is particurly true since Uriel is a controversial figure, like Pier Giorgio's hero Savonarola.



The online university, still in its initial public presentation, which is affiliated with the Valanga di Vita was also named by accident, after the angel Uriel or "fire of god".
The first name was parhelion or sundog university followed by Astron since Galileo is famous for being investigated by the inquisition and used to champion the erroneous and catastrophic faith/reason divide. Did he call himself Galileo after the sea of Galilee? Good question.
However where there is catastrohpe there is also EUcatastrophe.
Uriel is an archangel in many traditions including the preschism Roman Catholic church, and he is still revered in Ethiopia and Etrirea where appaprently he was never embroiled in conflict as he was in Rome.
He is associated with the angel guarding the gates of Eden, with Ur of the caldees, the birthplace of Abraham, and is the patron of Oxford Univeristy where Tolkien taught for many years.
For more on Uriel see Youtube videos by Carmine Alvino and Father Marcello Stanzino.