Dante was in the middle of his life when he "found himself in a dark wood",
but these days that experience of feeling lost often happens much earlier.
Often enough it leads to tragedy or disillusion of one kind or another, hence the high incidence of "opiod abuse" to take one symptom.

Wildwood is intended for a student at the high school level whose circumstances make it desireable to study online or in a blended environment, or to build a bespoke curriculum.
Originally conceived to safeguard the education of very capable students whose domestic situation made it impossible to attend classes on a regular basis,
it is available here to any student who is searching for suggested structures.

Online education will continue to grow as it provides unprecendented opportunities for learning,
just as such innovations as alphabets, books, libraries, universities, the printing press, handheld calculators, television and personal computers did in their turn.

The curriculum here is at your own pace; schedules are provided; sample curricula for the four year program also provided;
the courses are all designed to run for 16 weeks or one trimester, and run seasonally in the sprng, summer and fall.
We expect each other to graduate Wildwood Prep at a level with most college graduates and we encourage each other to do a good job.