HOME We have a few old course catalogues of various levels that we are posting here while we review all our materials.
As noted elsewhere, these courses can be adjusted to any level but are intended to last for 16 weeks, or one "trimester".
Some of the classes were developed by people who knew each other well and were trying to make it fun to learn in the middle of challenging circumstances, which explains the humor in much of the material.
URIELSThis is the draft of university website we are reviewing as well that contains a lot of academic material. Remember, the aim of all this is also ECONOMIC, that is, to foster happiness and eliminate violence which wastes so much life and money.
Here is a course catalogue consisting of materials we have used in the past. If you like the introductory videos, you will probably enjoy the course itself.

A WORLD SPLIT APART. The prayer of Jesus, that they may be one, will be accomplished in our hearts, not in political strategies. A teacher who loved this essay and taught it as the foundation of political science at Wellesley was denied tenure, presumably because of the content of the speech which proves the point that politically correct academics can surely "dish it out" but in the same measure, they quite often "cannot take it."