Members are anonymous for good reason. Many of them are only safe as far as we can protect them from harm.

Those who participate in the administration of Leon's Loot are also anonymous as far as possible.
They are held to a high standard of conduct and practice community property.
It may be necessary even to protect the identity of members from benefactors for the safety of the members
if the benefactors are unable to keep the code of conduct that guarantees safety for all.

Here are some of the stars who shine quietly in our sky:

Pier Giorgio, our patron saint, accidental namesake and resident mountain lion

Leaf Queen, tireless in cleaning up the messes of Mother Nature.

Azteca, known for his prize winning fruit trees and brilliant web designs

Aguila, "don't mess with Tony" need we say more.

Ariadne, eating watermelons and hoping that Dionisius will someday give her a million dollars and a home in the Gargano peninsula


Juniper Man, known chiefly as a curmudgeonly contributor and hell bent on covering all the lands in a carpet of blue rug wiltoni juniper.