the cherry moon is the passover moon of the Exodus and of the Execution and the Eucatastrophe and the Engelblau

To understand the significance of the cherry moon trust established by Father Blessed Lakes, one must first realize that the feast of Eternal life for Christians comes from the passover which is based on the full moon of Spring, the Cherry moon. The Prince of the Cherry Moon is actually not so much Prince Rogers Nelson, (though, he like all others is a potential heir to the kingdom) but Jesus, for "the government shall be upon his shoulders, and his name shall be called the prince of peace."
Blessed Lakes belonged to the order of IVE The Instituto del Vergo Encarnado, which was established on March 25, 1984 (check that date.) by Father Carlos Buela in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Much of the material avaiable on this is in Spanish and Father Blessed Lakes did not appear in the history of the Cherry Moon until 1996 or so.