The background image is big sur, where the leopard saved two young men from suicide while being paid zero (and being mistreated all the while). One eventually killed himself many years later despite his wealthy family paying a psychiatrist millions to save him. Thus, do not mock our method, born not from books but experience.
Who is the archangel Uriel? Does he exist? How did he come to lend his name to our school?
While we had no knowledge of his existence a year ago, let us begin by saying, whether he exists or now, we surely need his help to shine light into our hearts and our universe.
There is considerable darkness to be illuminated.
As an example: The corona virus has claimed nearly half a million lives, and this is big news and has essentially brought the globe to a standstill for three months and more and rightly so, but suicide or the deliberate ending of one's own life claims nearly 800,000 lives each year, at a cost of approx. 60 billion according to one estimate. Much is made of the right to suicide amongst the elderly and sickly, but suicide is the second leading cause of death among people 15-35, and people as young as ten commit suicide frequently enough to be on a graph chart.
Of course we don't want to think about this! Who would? It's sad, and we don't know what to say to our hearts when they falter because we don't have hope in a Personal, Creator God of Unconditional Love anymore and so, we have lost joy.
What we need is joy.
Thus if we could imitate Uriel and "shed some light" or "start a fire of joy" that would be worth a lot of money!
Carmine Alvino, Antonio Lo duca, Oxford University and Oriel College, the anglo catholic and african uriels, and jewish tradition inter alia, all point to Uriel's existence.
If Lucifer wast he original light bearer and lost his job to uriel, we can understand why he would be fried with envy and try with all his malicious might to occult this angel from our hearts, this angel who "goes before" and "lights the way" to the kingdom of heaven in our hearts and accordingly in reality.Neocities.