Apologetics for the Valanga: ASYLUM


This class is recommended to all who are curious about why the company was created.
We have to go slow here because there is a lot of scandal involved.
Asylum was the very first gesture of mercy offered by God after Cain murdered abel.
Cain was terrified of V for VENDETTA, the Mediterranean form of "street justice" and ran crying to God saying "Im a dead man" and God said HANDS OFF CAIN.
. THis is also a very good argument against the death penalty as a matter of fact.
It does cost a lot of money to maintain Asylum cities but how much does it cost to deport illegals and kill people on death row? Has anyone sat down and done the math?
Sean Penn may have been moved to interview El chapo after starring as Robert Lee Willie in the film version of DEAD MEN WALKING or he may have been a pawn of the government, knowing or not....or maybe a little of both... but that's another story altogether.

We are an exiled people...all seeking asylum from something. This is not our true home and we feel that. We are restless.
The way to paradise is supposedly blocked by Uriel, "an angel with a fiery sword." but supposing that fire is not hell, but love, misinterpreted by fearful mortals who were on a guilt trip courtesy of the satanas, the accuser.
Jealous of Uriel's job, he resolves to sandblast the way to paradise so that no one will be able to get there like a vengeful general who burns the bridges. "If I cna't have heaven, no one can" that type of thing. .
This course covers the religious, legal economic and social concepts of asylum from Cain and Abel through the USA, the statue of Liberty, WWII and up to our own day with Mexican walls, El Salvador, DACA, africans risking death to get to Lesbos and lampedusa and other war torn nations.
The second trimester considers conisders the the concept of "lunatic" asylum as being fundamentally similar to these others.
Just as our bodies need physical asylum from agression, so our minds need mental asylum from anxiety and angst
Finally in the summer "practicum" we study how to advance toward the civilization of love which would afford angelic asylum to all. ok this is probably worth more than three trimesters, it's cramming too much.
But there you see, says the angel, this is how to approach an accusation or an agression. Non violent resistance. Articulate things.
Yeah see MLK got wacked though. Just like Jesus ok.
Ok so the dream can be a little more quiet here. No need to declare war on the oligarchy. Just be who you are.