Wounded warriors in the war on woe
Every university has a mission and ours is no different.
We need to explain our mission candidly and clearly and it's hard for some people to hear and we understand that.
We liken it to the mission of Father Damien on Molokai except that the lepers in this story are a different sort of leper.
Because of the scandalous nature of our story, the explanation of our mission scandalizes some people so greatly that they withdraw their support, or even shame and ridicule us, just as people traditionally and understandably avoided leper colonies.
This grinds down the soul day by day, and quite frankly is an attack on the truth itself, as Oscar Romero said, those who proclaim the truth will always be persecuted.

So, this material will be found in a separate area, so as not to offend propriety, embarrass the dignified, or harm the psyches of the delicate of soul.
True valor must be acknowledged however, in the interest of justice, and we honor the valient veusters of our Valanga with veterans' honors.
If you would like to purchase a brick to be part of the mental illness memorial, and have it engraved with the name of a loved one who died due to mental distress (their own or anothers), third party fundraisers did not want to participate in this fundraiser so we are just going to do it ourselves.
If we are financially able to do so, we will construct the memorial, which will serve as a beacon of hope and a teaching tool for the public, and at the same time we will continue to tell our true stories of being in the trenches of the undeclared war of woe.
So donate to damian's drive for derangement discussion.

How could the consumption of three Eucharists a day be justified? After all it take s a good deal of money and time to make a priest of God.
Well, let us consider that the leopard learned early on that you cannot leave a suicide/homicide risk alone, not even for fifteen minutes because the risk is too great.
She was approxmiately 15 when she began to learn this lesson in earnest, for that is when the ill person was expelled from University and sent home.
Now in order for the psychiatrist to make $1000 a day he is making a hundred and twenty five dollars per hour. And the leopard was on call 24/7 for approximately 12-16 years depending how the calculation is made, three shifts a day for 800 weeks is 2400 work weeks, at 120 hours a week plus weekends, if you figure in double time for being underage for three of those years, and for two shifts out of three how much money are we talking here?
To say nothing of damages! OMG, indeed we are talking abuot millions of dollars.
you can see why we require anonymity for all members of our organization--the danger of vendetta is everpresent and short of eviscerating the violent, it always will be.