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The NY times continues their long island lambo liberal labor, (who pays their salaries anyways is it Soros or Gates) so why not summon the angels for a bible brunch with brioches and engelbrotts.

Hopefully the all night blizzard rockers caught the (again, the FREE) SGR sermon at 530 but if not, lets review. The first reading is about the prophet Jeremiah who got stuffed into A. a sewer pipe. B. A well. C. a bidet.

This is similar to some unlucky romanovs whom the bolsheviks stuffed A. down a mineshaft. B. up a volcano shaft. C. into a coffin which they then dropped into the ocean.

As for Jesus, the crowd tried to throw him off the mountain but he A. hid in a pile of molten milk duds. B. hitched a ride with Angel Gabriel in the purple lambo (not the SUV Ok the racing model. geesh.) C. somehow just walked away from them, which led El Chapo to become fascinated with Jesus escape expertise.

The crowd psychology is detailed in a famous english novel, far from the A. burial shroud. B. Madding crowd. C. George Odowd.
Kreeft observes that a similar thing occuered when Solzenheitsen addressed the intellectuals at A. harvard. B. Princeton. C. Yale. Neocities.

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Dud had momentarily escaped the watchful eye of Jemmy and was attempting to hotwire the lamoborghini of pope francis, who had decided to take a joy ride around town before sellling the sweet ride to charity.
The chariot of steez was estacionado outside the local russ and duaghters while frank stopped off for babkas. HE started to complain about the comercializatio of hipster hangouts by quoting Battisti, "no non mi va" which promised to be a long interlude. Why dont you just put the dang ad on the climbing wall, frank said in a huff. Geeze louise@ cant a guy just get a babka thats not on the internet?
banksey who was in there eating babkas, said "for the right price I could tag the climging wall wiht your portrait, frankie old sport. Dont get me started ! the pope's ire was on the rise.
Dud seeized the chance, but in her haste, misplaced a USB cable under the steering column and blew up the disco ball at the "david's dionisian divinity disco" a new papal initiative to dance in the spirit before the ark of engebrotts.
what in cornbread hell? queried jessy who had never heard of a USB cable beign attached to a steering column.
The corn ball blew up and spewed milk duds all over the floor of the conclave chapel. Well, it wasnt all bad. HAHAHHAHAHHA

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