Algunos datos sobre el fideicomisio Luna Cereza.
Padre Carlos Buela, un amigo del obispo Leon Kruk, fundo el instituto del verbo encarnado en Argentina en 1984. Approximadamente 5 anyos mas tarde, 1990? los primeros sacerdotes del orden llegaron a Nueva York.
Approximadamente 5 anyos mas tarde, 1995(?) el Padre Benito estaba trabajando en el diocese de New Beford, Massachusetts, y llevo su clase de candidatos para el sacramento de confirmacion a River Road en North Andover para un retiro espiritual.
The first stop in New Bedford was the apartment of a Puerto Rican named "Juana" (not her real name), in her late twenties, whose two older boys were away visiting their abuela in the islands, leaving the room empty for the leopard. Oddly, the leopard had seen this in a vision before arriving. The two middle children were from a man that Juana had lived with while her husband was in jail, and the youngest, a toddler, was again from her husband, who with the help of Benito had secured a job driving a dry cleaning truck, and hiding illegals and nuns (not mutually exclusive) in the back amongst the uniforms. Many was the time the priest enlisted the help of "Eduardo" to drive missionaries to and from the church on Ashely Boulevard.