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Buried deep in a coding race at the European world class hacking tournament in the catacombs of Vatican City, the over-achieving and rancorous Winklevoss twins had not noticed the late hour, nor the strange green miasma which had begun to seep into their cubicle through the bottom of the door.

Jealousy was consuming these famous techies. While ostensibly they were working as a team, each secretly hoped to best the other and claim the lion's share of the hundred gajillion bit coin winner's purse (they had previously discussed a quick way to artificially inflate Bitcoin's dubious value).

Meanwhile in an obscure Vatican office, the Pope Emeritus' secretary Georg Ganswein was hacking away at code of his own. He had discovered the leak in the Vatican banking scandal and was about to trace it to a pizzeria on the Jersey Shore.

The pizzeria had been in business for 50 years but had reported negligible income during that time, and the CEO was listed as a certain "Joey Bananas LLC" of Mulberry Street, New York. Acting on a hunch, Monsignor Ganswein telephoned St. Anthony's parish on Mulberry. Father Rocco Damiano picked up. "Rocco". The priest's voice was deep and gravelly, tinged with the smoke of his favorite cigars. "Rocco" Ganswein replied. "This is Monsignor Georg from Vatican City. Do you ever eat pizza on the Jersey Shore?"


Suddenly back in the Winklevoss cubicle, the ghost of the deceased Frankfurt School professor and anti-Nazi intellectual Walter Benjamin appeared brandishing a new iPhone.

"Ich bin der geist du Herr Benjamin" he announced. "Wo bist Herr Ganswein?" Neither twin looked up.

GOTT IM HIMMEL! Benjamin shouted. "can't either of you hear me? I need to talk to Herr Ganswein immediately! Don't you know what could have happened if the world had ignored Einstein back in 1933? We have to use HTML as a force for good, not greed!

Tyler, what do you think of this rotation animation? Cameron queried. It's got me so swimmy-headed I'm seeing ghosts over here!

You think you've got it bad? Tyler shot back. My ghosts are lecturing me about Einstein-- in German!

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