Angelic Admissions Entrance Exam. (Trade marked to God, copyrighted and branded with the horsehoe of beatitudes.)
Welcome, friends. Be not afraid.

Eminem has one too of course if you stan him!

We are seriously seeking accreditation, just as Oxford did when Paris got territorial, and so we do have to build the "plug" entrance exam, based on neptune's trident which as we've said elsewhere is the symbol of bologna (baloney) and also of the USB cable which you need to participate here.
There are some Pier Giorgio, engelblau/Blue Jemmy, Uriel and Garden materials scattered about neocities like galactic garbage, tho they are not garbage in fact-- however exactly where they are is still unknown.

For now, let's just try a few warm up questions.
Remember, this is to extend knowledge about the aims and mission which is all Agape and Misericordia, not vendetta. thats why PGF has to be in charge because otherwise vendetta would take over.

1. In the Roman Catholic Church, which played a big role in the culture inherited by Klee, Pasolini, Thoreau and Tolkien, etc, today is the Feast of a saint named A. Engels. B. Egidio. C. Eclairs

That saint is famous for the story of the unforgiveable A. blunder. B. social gaff. C. Sin.

Please don't be scandalized, but the sin was supposedly incest and involved a pivotal figure in the history of Europe, A. Tallyrand. B. Trump. C. Charlemagne.

So the story goes, Charlemagne was terrified to confess this misdeed, and went on pilgrimage to Egidios church where an angel A. kicked him out, shouting and dont you dare try to come back here!
B. took him aside and suggested he join the Hugenots.
laid a small scroll containing his sin on the altar, where it was pardoned silently by Jesus.