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This week's OT readings for 6/13/22--are about Ahab taking Naboth's land --which God had bequeathed to Naboth's tribe forever, but which Ahab wanted for a "vegetable garden" because it was close to the palace--by eminent domain after he killed him.
Mass is always free, like Jesus.

To clarify where the Valanga gets its biblical knowledge, apart from mass---A lot of the original exegesis was gleaned from free lectures at St Paul's in Harvard Square (not far from the famous cafe Pamplona.) The lectures were courtesy of Father Brian Hehir who was affiliated with Harvard Divinity School, and were supplemented by very expensive lectures given on the campus of Wellesley College, by Dan Schowalter, a professor at Wellesley who was pursuing a PhD in Divinity studies at Harvard in the late 1980s. Peter Kreeft of the philosophy department of Boston College also offered very expensive lectures in which the Bible figured prominently. Another Bible teacher also gave free lessons in Greek and Hebrew at his house north of boston, not only to his home schooled children but to anyone of his friends who wished to participate.
These academic viewpoints were counterbalanced by certain Sicilian immigrants of Ozone Park, who were incredulous that someone might not have heard of "La hostia consacrata", and who though unable to read, attended Mass in the morning and listened intently at times to the content, later engaging in heated debates which to them were very important, about whether God the Father had committed incestuous adultery by sleeping with his own engaged daughter. Other viewpoints included Jews of all stripes, Moroccan Muslims who were extremely pious and believed devoutly that certain sins would never be forgiven, and that they should not set foot in a christian church for any reason, Jehovah's witnesses, Mormons, Moonies, Hare Krishnas, and anyone else who wanted to talk about the universe from a supernatural perspective.Neocities.

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