The GOSPEL according to GABRIEL


LISTEN, ISRAEL (Israel, who wrestled the angel and was lame forever thereafter. So-- it's probably a good idea to listen to the angel.)
We are very pleased with the Paradise Pedagogues, for they invented a program far superior to anything we could have done...
And in this time of online learning, we say, Engelblau is our ELECTRIC ENERGETIC EDUCATIONAL PLUG.
The message of how to heal a relatives' persistent violence and insanity, which blocked her freedom and prevented her from following her own path, started for the Leopard in middle school, when she encountered Tolkien, and continued through high school and college when his illness forced her hand so to speak.
Her brother was the Povero Gennariello, that unhappy Giovane that Pasolini saw and spoke to.
Her thesis spoke even to the woe of her thesis advisors who were too sad to advise her properly and abandoned her to her own devices.
What follows here is a free form, marginally mystical meditation on how Pier Giorgio, the angels and other events not only created but also corrected or converted the course of our company and in the process, consolidated the theory of GARDEN GOVERNMENT, the PLUG PEDAGOGY and the COR curriculum of Uriel University.
The truth will always be opposed, as Romero notes, and we state that we are listening ourselves, and testing what we hear in our hearts, in experience, to see if it holds up. and no one is required to believe the message.
As Elton John said, "Don't shoot me, I'm only the piano player.
And as Michaelangelo says, when I sculpt, I merely reveal what is already there.
"LISTEN, my children, if you have Ears, and the engel's announcement will come through clear.
Across the skies of the universe, comes a blessing to vanquish every curse.
Bright as a star behold him come, the angel with good news for everyone.
So hearken now to the engel's voice, who calls the woebegone to rejoice.
Blessed are ye who mourn, he cries, those who are meek will command the skies, and those who cry out for Justice for George, will see the Glorious Justice of the Lord.
We have to pay attention to George Because he was suffocated..this is how we are suffocating earth...this is the Corona virus...this is how Jesus died...
It's a moment. Do not suffocate the wind, the air, the voice of the spirit of the living God..or we will suffocate ourselves. The voice of the Volcano is speaking in our hearts.
The message of the Valanga also needs to be articulated despite opposition, and this is part of the process, to articulate the volcano even in the face of those who wish to plug it up. And here, we mean plug in the opposite sense.
Exegesis is the study of the bible from a cultural standpoint...not intending to disprove it from cynicism or disappointment with God, as so many scholars have done, but to weigh the evidence honestly.
This is Husserl's Existential Effort which had it been properly understood, would have saved so very many lives and today we would not be spending billions on wars, weapons and mental hospitals.

Are we correct to trust in angels instead of padrinos to protect us on our pilgrimage to Paradise? Or will we be trampled to death in the desert dust?
Husserl the Jewish philosopher who fled Germany after a harrowing week in the custody of killers, was above all a mathematician, just as God is when he says I AM ONE, not many.
the fallen angels wish to be God, and thus, will propogate the idea that there are many Gods, but according to God himself, this is not so.
God is a mathematician, who says I AM ONE, NOT MANY.
Husserl, an economist of existence as it were, who advocated returning to the absolute roots of essence and putting aside the platitudes of power.
As we say, he was correct, for trusting too much in earthly power gets you hitler, stalin etc. and in our day..cruel consumerism.
But we trust in earthly power because of evil.
The first commandment of Moses, who was a messenger and followed an angel in the desert for years, SHEMA, ISRAEL, LISTEN ISRAEL, but who is israel, if not Jacob who fought with the angel and found out, that God is pretty tough.
If God's military might manifests in Michaelangelo, whose feast is coming soon.
Now then, in what does the might, the power, the energy of angels consist? For, we need to know if our faith in their force is well founded.
E is for Explosions of Electric Energy, which fuels our Existence..and P is for Plug, which we use to Engage the Engelische Education, the PLUG explains the angelic Pedagogy..so Please Pay Attention, Pupils!
The valanga strongly recommends not patrolling the perimeter all night..let the guardian angels do their job....trust in their providence if you can...we are reinstating the rules of the routine...(ahem) but we can make an exception this morning....Is everyone excited for the Equinox? Are we listening to our guardian angel, to see what he wishes to tell us? Are we listening in our heart?
We've been neglecting the skies for a while,but not as long as the scientific world has in general..the sacredness of the stars has been all but forgotten for far too long.
The fall equinox is the icon of "GOOD NEWS". And we need good news, and we need to listen to be able to hear it.

Vangelis put out an album at this season four years ago..Vangelis, famous for writing the score to Chariots of Fire, which is a reference both to Phidippides, and to the prophet Elijah.
In a few hours the fall equinox will occur, and we need to remember these events and what they once signified for the world.
The agricultural and navigating tribes, whether greek or african, latin or asian, lived by the stars, since PLUGS had not yet come to be.
and this was the moment the Church chose to commemorate the first incarnation annunciation of Gabriel, which was not in fact to Maria but to Zacariah.
The best news the world had ever heard is commemorated at the autumnal equinox, when the light begins to truly fade to sunset as it were.
Zachariah didn't want to listen, and the result of this was, he lost the ability to speak.
The dynamics of how the incarnation began is fascinating, and not perhaps sufficiently meditated upon, to be able to properly apologize for the humility of God.
This humility of God was too baffling to Zacariah..he could not grasp it....For God is first prophet, or teacher, then priest or victim and sacrifice (sacrifice means to make sacred, ponder this for a moment.)and then prince, who comes into his glory. We could call him a "party cossack" but that's for another time.
So how did The Valanga di Vita create the Double U Companies..MONETINE MONDIALI....and how did the Double U Companies morph into Bensonhurst Bugattis morph into Midtown Mazerati morph into Uriel University? How did the yoke of labor morph into the fast car --is it fast enough so we can fly away?--morph into, all of God's internal combustion lights?
Did the B of Bugatti simply get turned upon its side and the U of the horseshoe grill get forged into the hope of a UNIVERSAL UNDERSTANDING?
BUGATTIS ARE BEAUTIFUL, and companies that produce beauty to bring joy to the world--a thing of beauty is a joy forever-- should never be hijacked for wars of Vendetta.
For a musical cheat sheet, picture Tracy Chapman dreaming of a fast car, when suddenly the chariots of the sun, --cue Vangelis---fast as light, come whizzing down and Gabriel steps out, blows a shofar of joy (cue Brandenburg) and announces the incarnation, so that none of us have to "live and die this way".
We need not die like Icarus, for Paradise, the kingdom of Heaven is AMONG US, says Jesus.
Now those who know the history of Valanga will know it is tied to the bombing at the Boston Marathon...the commemoration of the victory of Athens, which was a huge event in military history and also the martyrdom of the messenger, which prefigures, the Baptist and Jesus....but let us consider for a moment Elijah, who was given supernatural speed by the spirit, and he tucked in his shirt and ran before the chariots of ahab all the way to the district of Jezreel. there was a cult in the ancient world of military and physical prowess, such that warriors were given UBI and allowed to eat at the king's table..his own detachment of bodyguards..but Elijah was not an athlete..he was a prophet..so Why was Ahab so mad? why did he want to kill elijah? Elijah was calling out his power trip, which he blamed on Jezebel but werent' they in pari delicto? he exposed the phony prophets of Baal, and then elijah had to high tail it on his own two feet, no motor vehicles, all the way from Haran to Horeb on a couple of loaves of bread (no, not cake, we said bread, actually.)
At the end of this journey he hears a bunch of noise from nature, and then a still small voice. The voice says, what are you doing here, Elijah and Elijah says "I QUIT" and God says, no, you need to go back, Elijah.
that is the voice of God in our hearts, the voice we need to hear, the voice we will only hear if we are quiet, and listen. For "my sheep know my voice, and they hear me." Zacarai didn't want to hear the voice..the Madonna rejoiced to hear it.
And the minute she did, she high tailed it over to Zacariah's to help out. Let's just say she "got the message". let's try to get it too.

Continuing our reflection on the chariots of the sun, this is a very mystical discussion, so those who disbelieve are free to stop reading.
we however wish to articulate the message as best we can.
it is a quarter to three on september 23rd, and the Mass of Pio has just concluded, and here in the eastern hemisphere it is precisely the time when the chariots of the sun came to take Pio to paradise early in that fateful morning 52 years ago.
Unlike Elisha, the friars in the room at the time did not see a chariot, but Pio was at the window expectantly, since he had been told many years before about his trip to heaven.
The crowds had gathered at San Giovanni Rotondo for the fiftieth anniversary of his stigmata, and this was to be his Bugatti style victory lap. We invite the curious to research this further, for we have something more to say.
The stigmata of Pio were not an idea, but a reality, the word of God made flesh as it were.
This is why he died at the equinox, on the eve of gabriel's annunciation to Zacaraiah. The VENTO combines wiht the VOCE to make the VERBUM into VERITA...in his case, the VULNUS, or WOUND...it is for this reason that Tolkien's study of linguistics is so important. For, when god says a word it becomes real, LET THERE BE LIGHT, said the VOCE made out of the VENTO, and the VERBO became VERITA. There was light.
This is the state of being that we will achieve when we agree wholeheartedly and universally with reality.
Zacariah was a prophet in spite of himself, for there will come a time when our voices will only be able to speak and to incarnate truth, in the fulness of time. Or, we will not be able to speak at all.
If we were permitted in our fallen state to pronouce realities instanty, some malicoius person oculd say LET THEM ALL DIE, and it would be so.
As we approach this ability through our educational evolution, Gods immanence begins to blaze like a star, to call us to the kingdom with the Chariot of fire in our hearts. O TAXI!
In any event, this is why Art, or the process of articulating or giving VOICE to the volcano in our hearts, is so vital to our existence and our education.
It is holy, for it makes us creators like God. This, is one of Tolkien's chief theses.
Bilbo, like Elija, departed for rivendell at the Equinox...on his own two feet..rivendell, the elvish embassy of heaven.

V IS FOR VALANGA, VENTO VOLCANO VULNUS VERITA AND VINEVILLE (spelled wineville) The legal philosoher Harold Berman has speculated that this is the age of the Holy Spirit, the "feminine" person of the Trinity.
If so, we can say it has been ushered in with events like 9/11, the Wall Street Crash and the Corona virus, Black lives matter...but let us take a look at the price of power.
Without making this an indictment against men, as men so often have made history an unjust indictment against women, we point out to you that Zacariah was a priest, and the blessed mother was a woman. Theologians, through out history overwhelmingly men, have often said that Mary is the new eve, and jesus, the new adam.
However, in the incarnation story, the power/humility dichotomy is quite clear. Hearing requires humility, and the man in the story does not have it. Zacaraia the man and the priest is too proud for the message, and Mary the woman and the housewife, is humble enough to grasp it.
We could go on and on about young girl visionaries like bernadette, Joan of Arc, Kathryn Laboure, Margaret Mary alacoque, Lucia dos Santos...but today we wish to present the town of Mira Loma California. It used to be called "VINEVILLE". Read the story of why the name was changed...how some grisly murders, the result of incestual sexual abuse, changed its name, and how a woman who was locked in a mental hospital legally under a CODE 12 law, for telling the truth, got that law changed forever.
The beloved abuelita in our own story is being gaslighted with a version of Code 12, because the proud and powerful surrender only with violence spewing all over the earth.
but the spirit of truth will vindicate her eventually and when it does, the Zacariahs in the story will either tell the truth as the angel brought it from God, or they will not speak at all. We eagerly await this day, when the prince of this world will be thrown down.
Meanwhile, we continue to imitate the blessed mother in her "o captain my captain" loyalty to the Prince of Paradise.

Yes, we are PLAYING with PHONICS.
Fun is good. Let's never forget, the Equinox Evangelium is an Evangelium Gaudio.
Saturday, day of SATURN the God of AGRIcuLTURE inter alia..and the Feast of Cosmas and Damian, who provided free medical service and were killed for their kindness...too bad the health care system doesn't read their story...still, they watched over St Francis in his spiritual journey where he was PIERCED with a javelin of love..and he inspired Padre Pio to build a free care hospital in San Giovanni Rotondo so they definitely did something positive....in any event, as we see, P is for Priest, Prophet and Prince, and Princely Police Patrullas Patrolling the Perimeter of Paradise (michelangelo), and P is also for Pasolini's Pascal Pedagogy. (if you doubt that the pedagogy was pascal, see what Pasolini wrote about the story of Christ, where he said, it was the most beautiful story of all time.)
This inspired the paper and the project of the Pardo, but wait...wasn't Pasolini just a Posing pretender?
Our task then is to properly position Pasolini's point of view in the Panorama of Paradise. For, if our story doesnt fit with the announcement to Zacariah, then, there truly is no POINT...like the famous Political Pencil.
And we believe, Pier Giorgio stepped in to PROVIDE us with the answer to Pasolini's question on the "unhappy giovanni" that pulverized the pardo's life. For Pier Giorgio was the man of the "beati" or the truly happy, not in the modern sense, but in the deep sense of that word.
A word on SATURN and the STARS.
In the story of Christ, which emanates from ancient nomadic suffering and seeking, P of course is for PARADISE, the walled garden form which we were chucked out after listening to PIFFLE.
PLATO who lived around the time of Abraham in terms of knowledge, was not PRIVILEDGED with a revelation but rather was encouaged by the spirit to pursue the PHENOMENA and thus come to the truth.
This inspired KUBERNETICA and PHENOMENOLOGY, the naviation of the ship of humanity...if the story of Jesus is true, then investigation will not disprove but rather, will prove it to be true. .
Uriel University was once called Astron University, named for a Greek saying "through bitterness to the stars". Saturn, the God of Saturday and of agriculture, may have inspired that, since there is a famous quote from the bible "they sowed in bitterness, but came back rejoicing, carrying their sheaves.
Saturday, the sabbath, has become the day of waiting....in the Kairos/Kronos world, Jesus is hte alfa and omega, meaning, he IS reality, he GESTATES time instead of being subject to it.
THE KAI RO is where time stops and is fulfilled and passes away into Eternal Joy, the stars that guided hte ancient seasons of planting and reaping, and navigation..the stars of ETERNITY, that showed the way beyond death, to paradise.
We should note therefore that in KAIROS time, that the Announcement of gabriel began this website, but we were mistaken, the first announcement was to Zacariah, and makes the point that WE MUST LISTEN before we may speak.
The stigmata of Pio initiated this apologetic and in some way, justifies it through the incarnation of God.

27 September, as we enter Michaelangelo week, let's listen to the angels, and not just say EH.
E is for EH, which is what people who can't hear often say.
We may have our ears blocked, but more often it's the ears of our heart, which needs to be pierced by the javelin, transverberated say the theologians, in order to pay attention.
yes, Zacariah said EH to Gabriel, but whoever the angel was that was guarding the empty tomb, the disciples said EH to him too.
They were too attached the pyramids, elaborate structures to glorify the dead, who mistakenly thought they were self resurrecting gods and enslaved blue collar workers to pay stony tribute to that fallacy.
Jesus on the other hand was buried-one might say being God he "buried himself" in a garden, not a pyramid, and quickly rose back up, sending messengers to correct the fallacy that death is proud..death, be not proud, ....why do you seek the living among the dead?