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This is a paragraph! Here's how you make a link: Most americans who are politically savvy are aware of Sakrait Chakrabati, the high tone tech whiz who coached congress to take down ZUck during the Cambridge analytics scandal (named for the cafe pamplona in harvard square where chakbarati first got addicted to fruit tarts back in the day, but nobody knows this) so he could take over the metaverse from his clandestine hq in east LA, chakrabatis churros and chimichangas.
while he lives it up on the dl in SF, money pours into the graffiti coated store front, and is then laundered by the man who taught him everything he knows, ramrod sacbatani of punjab singh
Todays tale takes us to the origins of the famous baloney billionaire fruit tart wars of 2020, to wit, the bergamot cafe on the corner of 9th and 20th, where chakbarati and singh were accustomed to reading the New dehli times whilst feasting on tarts piled high with fruitti di bosco and creamy leche and burro custard, and quaffing high quality espresso priced so high there was no way the rank and file would ever be able to spy them out from a nearby table.
On the morning in question however, Zuck showed up armed with a few million bitcoin and bought out the whole bakery counter, then began to chuck the goods at the hapless hingorani and his protege, who fled to the safety of Le bain, where they directed the jacuzzi pipe to rain down eau di toiette upon zucks valentino hoodie.