Massachusetts General Laws courts have held: Properties occupied for charitable purposes include: Housing for an officer or employee of the organization is occupied by the organization, not the officer or employee, if (1)the occupant pays minimal or no rent, (2) the occupancy is a condition of employment and (3) the residency contributes substantially to the organization's mission. If the housing is for the officers or faculty of a charitable educational institution, it must also be contiguous to the principal location of the school.

ESPRESSO PROPERTIES FREE RENT FOR FACULTY POLICY, one week of work on the GARDEN, whether in study or physical labor, PER MONTH at 70 hours at 20 dollars per hour is enough to pay the rent on the property for one month.
You can work all through the summer trimester, or work one week per month, or work weekends, or two hours a day, or divide the work amongst the various volunteers and friends
But as an employee in residence you are responsible to get those 840 hours per year in somehow.

Everyone needs a home.
Truly when the Valanga di Vita began, it was as simple as a search for a secure place to call home,
a place where people could eat and sleep in peace and safety.
Everything else grew from that.
Home is something even the smallest of living creatures understand, as they sleep safely inside their nests at night.

The fact is, safe housing is one of the most challenging issues facing an existentially bankrupt world.
People with temporal power(ie their power is temporary--situated in time where we all live)
do not see the land as a common heritage, full of beauty and life,
but as a piece of capital to be traded.

The result of this is that the land is all subsumed into the economy of mental disease.
Drug dealers and human traffickers hold sway, whether they are large pharmaceutical companies or gun toting narcos or a combination of both.
In such a landscape it is naive to think that people like Stansfield, the Lando family, Tony and Leon will not all somehow become part of the drug economy.

Our existential confusion has been turned into an economic system, involving schools, offices, governments, weapons.
Clearly, real estate is part of that economy too.
The streets and homes of the world are the battlefield where the war on human existence is waged.