Decapolis soap operas

the Power of BS by Beelzebubba vs the power of Bonta by Gesu.

Verily dud oversnoozed the mass of John Bosco and those readings are good too, but the readings of the ordinary Mass are just too good to pass up because we see the demons farting about the decapolis as usual, mesing it up.
David has returned to his senses, and realized Absalom's lecherousness with his half sister and murderous rage against David, fueled by a chariots of baloney propaganda (this is true, ask any friar worth his babkas) was merely payback for what he did to A. herod. B. Uriah. C. Saul.

The story of David is yet further proof that just as God told Samuel, it's preferable to have prophets than power as manifested in A. princes. B. poodles. C. portapotties.

As for Jesus, he had pity on the demons, called A. Legion. B. Abercrombie. C. beelzebubba.

What shall I do fer ye, ye poor blighters, he said with pity and they said, A. give us a mazerati. B. Send us into those pigs. C. build us a tower in Dubai with a busted elevator but yet which is taller than trump tower and more impressive than a bezos rocket ship.
This shows that Jesus does not hate the demons at all, they just think he does because htey hate him.
IF you want a higher, more pure form of exegesis you can watch masses anywhere online or go to them if you wish, free. It's not funded by FAFSA.

snoozy, dud rolled over and said to the angel can u just go to mass and trill me about it later? O GAWWWWW said the angel
IN todays readings, we find absalom hung up by his own hair, whereupon Joab says A. "aint nobody got time for that" B. aint nobody got a blow dryer? C. tell me absalom do you feel lucky?
he then stabs absalom to death with A. a pair of pruning shearas. B. Some barber scissors. C. some arrows.
They hten send a messenger to tell David, a man from A. athens. B. Cush. C. rephedim.
what does all this have to do with the gosepl where Jesus heals both A. a girl who seems dead and a woman sick for 12 years. B. 10 lepers and five demoniacs. C. Lazarus and Jairus.
The power of jesus is amazing and apparently is present also in his A. tunic. B. lunchbox. C. flute.

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