JAN 4 AND 5 AND 6 AND 7 and 8 and thats my last offer. 2023. wednesday-Sun. Sunday is just a good day for songs. Saturday is a good day to reflect on the first miracle of Jesus, in which the wine of the spirit (which on pentecost made people think the aspostles were drunk) is presaged by ordinary river water being turned into a superior vintage of wine in a very understated and modest manner.
This is the second mystery of light, which Pope John Paul came up with apparently in honor of the former Satanic priest Blessed Bartolo Longo who became an apostle of the Volcano Vesuvius Vangelo. Just saying, he was located out there for most of his ministry of mercy. One might be curious, how is the wine in that part of the country?
Also, it was Jesus' mother who instigated his public ministry. Cue song "It's time to begin listening."
This template is from Musica della Malavita bensonhurst graduation, and we are overwriting it. We may decide to use paper in the end for first drafts. This is about a 15 minute investment of time per day if do readings and don't hear the Mass.

The following is a partial list of some of people whose exegesis lecture notes were used in these classes, there are many more:
Father Brian Hehir (formerly of St Paul's in Cambridge), Rev. Daniel Schowalter formerly of Wellesley College, Father Paco Anzoetegui formerly of St Patrick's in Lawrence, Karl Cooper, Professor Peter Kreeft of Boston College, Father Benito Lagos (St Killians, New Bedford)