A quick look at the development of this website. teh gabuzzos was used by priory to refer to some mobsers in a comic fashion but yet still somewhat "racist", making use of popular stereotypes against siclian immigrants to make "waspish" people laugh. That is not to say it isn't funny in a way. It is, but there is far more to it.
but in our case they are gardeners in paradise. In fact it is crucial to our whole thesis to understand that people who believe in the fable of the garden are simply eucatastrophists, not deluded ignorant paesans.
How so?
THe site was accidentally created on the feast of remoro but before he actually became a saint-it was intended to be in honor of St Gabriel who is the patron of communications and it was called monetine mondiali, the idea of a Garden of Eden UBI style approach to economics.
The following year shortly after Holywood High commencement of Apgril 25, and being awarded a few seed grants, (seeds, as in vegetable seeds ok)the Skandalone skole site was created on June 1 2018, to respond to the goverments' inquiry and the difficulty of doing a fundraiser to raise bricks for the proposed mental illness "memorial garden." which had been attempted on memorial day, to provide a visible memorial of our raison detre, like the wailing wall maybe.--and to remember the anniversary of the arrest of certain individuals in 2010.
it was called skandalone skole beccause the truth is skandalous. ONe month later, Padre pio had some advice for us: tell the true story because it needs to be told, even if skandalous.
The leopards tale was born on July 4th weekend 2018 in the new accidental anonymous angelic asylum Neocities.

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