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This is the English Translation of the original Italian name of the company which is the legal name registered with the IRS: The Valanga di Vita Company, Inc.
The original motto was "mobilizing the vitality of goodness".
This name comes from this book about this person here. The company and all its assets including the laptop and cell phone used to code this page, should honor him.

Because we have to explain this, we will do it as clearly as possible.
The company was not intended to be publicized, as its origins were not what one might call coffee table conversation.
However, ironically, the book was on a coffee table and the title was switched for another name which was intended to go under the radar.
Pier Giorgio Frassati known as the "valanga di vita" was also known as the man of the beatitudes
or the happinesses in the original sense of that word and by all accounts he was very full of joy.
Leon is a fictional character from a modern-day fairy tale who begrudgingly went out of his way to cheer up someone who was very scared and sad.
Stories of others, as well as fictional stories, are a way that people use to understand their experiences, and put them into a context.
Pier Giorigio was real, and Leon was not, but both of these characters are difficult to believe in, in the culture we inhabit.
In order to understand why exactly that is, we invite all visitors to take a simple class on the "consolation" of faerie, the philosophy that inspired the popular story of Frodo and the Lord of the Rings.
Tolkien was devoted to his angel and to Jesus, and was widely read professor, He knew that in our present day, people find it difficult to believe in supernatural realities like the creator of the universe becoming an obsucre blue collar person, or angels flapping around on wings announcing this to 14 year old girls.
Therefore, he artfully told the story of angels, calling them elves and valar and maia and almost never mentioning God at all.
Tolkien was not a fairy tale scholar but. scholar of history and language, which is for Christians as he was, the history of the Logos, the "word". As we point out else where the mass is a vehicle of memory and of life, as tolkien says through galadriel the angel "many things which should not have been forgotten were lost" History became legend, legend became myth...echoing Jesus, Do this in memory of me.
Like Leon, and Pier Giorgio, the story of the Ring involves a volcanic explosion where life and death collide and life wins.
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The domain valangadivita fell into arrears and was held for ransom so to speak, the same company wanted hundreds of dollars to buy it out of delinquency; instead the domain name was changed to Engelblau.com.