Before Pino passed away he used to cheer us all up by singing his favorite songs along with us over the phone from The Gabuzzo Bros. Bugatti dealership
In the rear of the dealership is an orto full of fig trees and fountains,
where the Gabuzzi often enjoy a game of Bocce and a coppa di Duca di Salaparuta.
There Pino would regale them with the timeless music of Napoli

To keep this tradition going, we are trying to raise money like this:
Make a request and we'll sing you a song to cheer you up, using whatever melody you like, we'll kareoke it with our own lyrics.
Then, make a gift to Leon's in our honor.
The gift is not required, but we won't have time to fool around if we're hungry.
Some people think we are pretty good at imitating singers too.
Just donate on the money page and leave us your instructions in the comments.

Another initiative we have is a tile floor for the Valanga di Vita, which began in a garage believe it or not.
Tile is easy to clean and very long-lasting. Beautiful and practical.
If you'd like to paint a tile for our dream bugatti floor, click the bugatt.
Funds will go toward gas and maintenance for the company car which at this point is not even running.
If we get enough cash we might be able to go visit the Gabuzzi in NYC or LA. and get some really nice recordings of their music