In the end it's all about love, and If the corona virus leaves any legacy it should be this: be gentle with the earth, and love the earth.
The earth is our home and teaches us to get along.

that said, relative to the Mission of the Valanga, What is the economic justification for a garden/agriculture/ecology department?
Is this a legitimate money saving and salvific form of education?
Does this actually alleviate mental stress, and is it a more cost effective method than the billions we spend on big pharma?
(Remember, if you pay US taxes, your tax dollars go to big pharma research, so you have a vested interest in this question.--cite sources for this)
Husserl believed that alienation was a disastrous result of industrialization and had contributed to the festering of anger that exploded into racism, genocide and war.
Thoreau thought so too, indeed he proposed a kinship with the earth as the remedy for our political woes as well, and he's not alone.
There is ample evidence that alienation from the earth has contributed to our mental distress and social disintegration in a very costly manner.

Accordingly the Guadalupe Hidalgo Gardening Chair at the University is an endowed chair endowed with various vines and shrubbery and is occupied by the "GREEN MAN" or "green knight" made famous by Sir Gawain's quest of the Round Table.
Just as all the knights agreed to wear the green and gold sash in honor of Gawain's failed promise, so we at Uriels all agree to cultivate the earth with even greater care in honor of the failed contract of Adam and Eve in the Garden.
For as Wojytla and Faustina saith, the Great Gardener is dives in misericordia and eye has not seen nor hath human ear heard what will be if we love each other, and creation.