Are the gems buried in the garden? Find out now.

DID YOU CATCH ENGELBLAU'S "GEMMY AWARDS"? Blue as a silmaril, blazing as the fire of the spirit, awarded to those who passed the five question quiz on Gimli:

1. The dwarves believed that the riches under the muontain belonged to them and not to A. Smaug. B. Smog. C. the Wargs.

Who did Gandalf recruit to be the 13th of their get back the gold pilgrimage?

A. Bilbo. B. Bingo. C. Boffo.

The hobbit discovered what while looking for gold?
the ring.
the thing.
C. badda bing.

The ring is a symbol of A. power, which "Corrupts absolutely."

The love of money, which is the root of all evel.

C. Both A and B.

In fact the first sin of humans in the tolkien story was the lust of A. the silmarils. B. chickafil.
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