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Trusting a guardian angel to do the job of a bodyguard is hard.
Travelling on a subway under the protection of a padrino was something solid, you knew, any trouble and somebody would be there in under two minutes.
This lets you breathe easy.
the angels on the other hand, while supernaturally powerful are invisible.
Will they show up on time? Will they show at all? Or will they leave you to battle the crazies, which kanye is somehow calling Yeezies, because he doesn't have to take the subway.....on your own.
Anyone who wants to try this experiment, you should know that a six foot seven inch criminal attorney who represented drug dealers and pimps, and was by no means a "wimp" made the leopard take the subway when she was fleeing said drug drealers, because he was afraid to do so.
Little wonder, that the leopard went straight to a certain neighborhood in Queens, near the "aquaduct" racetrack, where one might hire a hitman such as the one who killed Rae Carruth's pregnant girlfriend, and engaged the services of true, honest to goodness bodyguards like the Padrino. She is still alive..whereas Carruths girlfriend, is dead.

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