Tolkien was fascinated wtih angelic beings as guides to paradise.
He was as much a philosopher, as he was a fantasy writer and wrote an essay on the idea of fantasy which goes a long way to explain his view of the cosmos. Though it is not widely known, Tolkien's mother rejected a family fortune to become Catholic, in England where a sizeable portion of the feudal fortune went to the "revolutionaries".(though he would argue, the Eucharist is the true revolution).
He was brought up by priests when his father died.
He believed the cosmos is governed and guided by angels.

Guides are just better whether you are looking for paradise or the best trail up the mountain.
Otherwise its easy to get Lost--it could happen to me, it could happen to you. As we have seen in primary school and middle school it happened to Pinocchio, to Matilda, and to Frodo as well.
The university's choice of academic guides may be understood in the light of the life of the unnmaed leopard. Experiences she had with Tolkien, Thoreau and Pasolini, were an explanation of the volcanic instability of her own situation growing up which she was absolutely not permitted to discuss.
At the end of primary school where she was believed to be some sort of autistic genius, she told her parents school was useless since it was not solving the real life problems the family had, and thus she did not plan on returning to middle school.
They took her to the father's alma mater, Philips Prep where she performed well on the entrane test but complained about the cold dorms, and the dean's stuffy demeanor, and was dismissed as "unusually intellignet, but socially unacceptable."
She was placed into the catholic school system where she continued to offend by asking a priest if he was on a "fixed salary" and embarrassing the entire school in the process. However, she also found a copy of the LOTR on the floor of a classroom, and took it and read it.

Later in high school, she was unable to attend school for a great part of her enior year due to the same instability, and got in trouble for various infractions, including openly asking if Walt Whitman was a homosexual (those were different days)but spent a lot of time in natural hideouts, and wrote an essay on Thoreau which led the professor to declare " you are a Christian mystic, just don't try this behavior in college.
Like Jesus, Pier Giorgio was a good guide, bu also a friendly guy and wanted company and on page 116 we find some witneses of the Circolo Cattolico complaining that it was mouldy--muffito--and was full of playboys who bragged about women, "avventure femminili", and the only reason to go the meetings was free billiards.
Pier Giorgio joined up and that's how the Societa 'Tipi Loschi' got going.