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Merrick was knee deep in a syrupy stroopvaffle dream when the phone whizzed. it was Barry.
They're onto us. he said in a husky, anxious whisper. Your ass got to go. What you gon do about your ass?
what, nukular war? merry babbled. I thought that was Bush's accent, what are you hanging around the oil wells?
No, dummy! Barry was nervous as a wet hen.
The kenyan-mitsubishi jakarta-ramdani crypto connection! They might even find the fake federal reserve folios I hid on Zuckberger's land that he took by eminent shitbird from the first nations-I mean my dad took it first put he passed it to Zuck in exchange for a fifty percent share in a big old load of hooey.
The plan is, you hitch a ride with some narcos taking blow up the canal tomorrow at three am.
The captains' name will be (redacted for security purposes.)Neocities.

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