Histoire de Coeur gets its title from a song in French dropped by a perceptive dj to describe the story of a human heart.
The human heart as noted elsewhere is like a volcano, full of darkness, hidden light, heat, explosions, boiling and mystery.
The human heart is a marvel created by God that none of us fully understand.

Musical psychology was a subject "near and dear" to the heart of Blue Gemz.
For those who are so inclined, see HERE for example.
So often the world of professional psychologists date psychology to Freud, but it is so much more grand and fascinating than a reductive formula that says "every singple problem in psychology is related to sexual repression somehow.
This could even justify violent sexual acts instead of looking for their deeper roots deep in the volcano of the sexual offender's heart.
Instead, the motive power of the fire of the human heart, as noted unwittingly by Saudi Carnot, is the power of life in all its forms.
One thing Freud saw though is that discontent is caused by stuffing the fire of the volcano when it really wants and needs to express itself.
Instead of stuffing it back down itno the mountain, we have to try to understand the lava, so it is a force for good.
In the first installment of our series we were "in it to spin it" but Covid 19 arrived and in the meanwhile we considered the volcano and decided to pay tribute first to Pier Giorgio, to the barber of bucolic burbs of Brahmin Boston, and to blue gemz the musical psychologist.
also because practically speaking, the garden school groupies did the first radio show on winton marsalis and blue eyed soul, and later, the show "opera rap" on the barber of deville