Every day at 6:30 the NYT sends out a message called "the morning", apparently, without being asked to do so. We know that someone is funding them, and commissioning them to write a particular sort of content.
This is very similar to the Sunday gospel so let's take a look.
We have to notice up front that Isaiah says he sees and hears serafs which is a type of non human being that loves God, so either he was insane, hallucinating or else he did, in truth, see and hear them. Or else he was lying but why would a prophet lie when they all got executed is a tough question to answer.
In the first reading Isaiah is living during the reign of King A. Uriel. B.Uzbeks. C. Uzziah.
(this may have tempted him to change the name of his company of prophets from Triple Holy to Triple U but that sounds kind of egotistical and megalomaniacal, so let's move on.---this is tongue in cheek since the name double U does not mean you and you but "together" which is explained elsewhere)
Isaiah saw who in the temple?
A. the prophet Daniel.B. The prophet Micah. C. God.
How did he recognize God, given that God did not have a twitter account?
A. it doesn't say. B. He had a long robe covering the whole temple that said "God."
God is so holy you just know.
Above God the seraphim were crying a word Isaiah understood which was probably "Sanctus ,Sanctus Sanctus" B. Holy Holy Holy. C. Kadesh Kadesh Kadesh.
Isaiah cried "woe is me, I will surely die," becuase he was not holy enough to A. live. B. withstand God's presence. C. go to heaven.
But the angel burned his mouth with A. lye. B. bad curry. C an ember from the altar.
The same thing that happens to Isaiah happens to Peter, that is, he is not confident that he is holy enough to report the splendor of Elohim to a skeptical and skandalized world.
some of us would prefer a fine life and unlimited cash to being a prophet of the Most High and then getting crucified upside down, but that's just human.

In the why would GOD write the law on stone tablets at the top of a volcano and then "fulflll" this law by sacrificing himself? and what does this have to do with the lava flow in scotland that has the internet abuzz? who's paying for all this anyways augustus alexander or antoichus? 1Q

Max Weber's theology is a lot like Tolkiens' or Pasolini's, but it never became as widely distributed because it was not directly adapted to cinema. Though the long standing division between the hollywood style happy ending of much post war American cinema which brought the destruction of faerie to its obvious conclusoin (zombies and demons invade suburban America)
Tolkien's deep catholicism and his Aquinas-like desire to adapt ancient myths to the "fulfillment of the law through sacrifice" tenet was tried in the fires of religious-economic feuds, and world wars. Weber's mental breakdown led him to recognize what tolkein would have called "faerie" and what Pasolini called "the sacredness of reality" or "the cinema of poetry<
So what is it about the volcano, economics and the law?
Moses was commissioned by God to lead the people out of slavery, which would have involved fire because the job they had was making bricks.
got the law from Mt Sinia when it was belching fire, which perhaps allowed God to write the commandments on the rock before it cooled down---or did Moses write them and pretend it was God?
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